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Billy Corgan vs. Blogger: A Twitter Opera

Billy Corgan's been on a tear today...

Apparently a blogger (newspaper critic?) wrote some negative things about Billy Corgan that warranted a day of semi-responses via Twitter.  I've Googled the bejesus out of the Pumpkins and Billy today, but for the life of me, I couldn't pinpoint the offending source.

(update, 9/14/10:  I think this is the offending article).

In any event, what was said struck a major nerve with the Great Pumpkin.  Here are the highlights from Billy's Twitter:

* Whoever wrote the article here in the local paper about The Mighty SP is a fucking idiot...excuse me, I meant to say a TOTAL FUCKING MORON * I love when some writer tries to put themselves over at my expense. Really unique concept. I've been here for over 20 years. Your kind=lame
* All your silly words can't kill the Love in SP. This band is going to win and you can't stand it: Mikey, Nicole, Jeff, and BC are HERE

* Actually, to be honest, 3/4 of SP are in Portland. I am in the woods, in front of a fire cooking up a lovely, earthen brew. Time is coming..

* Old SP: Dead. Buried. Gone. New SP: Alive. Free. Dangerous. God: The Best! Absolute. Unconditional. Radical. * You know those horror movies where there is the *thing* that won't die? That is SP. We a'int gonna make that mistake again. Hipsters beware! * Hipsters and blog fascists beware because SP exposes that your game isn't real, integral, fair, or even about music. It is about YOU * Show me a band or a music artist with a problem and I will at least bow to them doing *some-thing* in this world, ego or not... * How did the world get so upside down that the people who write about music see themselves as more valuable than the artists themselves? * SP continues to expose the wires to the farce that is the mu-sick biz-ness...thank you to the radio stations that support us as independents * Thank you to the indie retailers who honor the long history of SP and our place in alternative culture. Don't you get it yet? * The Smashing Pumpkins are back. And we a'int going fucking anywhere but UP ha ha fucking hardy har har...what a beautiful day to LOVE+HONOR

* Thank you thank you thank you to the Smashing Pumpkins fans who have stuck with us. We appreciate you! Gonna rock you Spokane! * But if you piss on my lawn I'm gonna tell you to get the hell off my lawn.The message hasn't changed since '87. We're in the makeithappenbiz It's like, *news flash*, the circus has elephants+clowns+a guy in a top hat. SP is what it is + it a'int changing to match your death dream * People change. People move on. People grow up (not me obviously!!). I'm happy. Love Love Love being in this band! I make no apology for us.



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