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DeAngelo Hall on Jay Cutler: He Really Doesn't Understand the Game of Football

DeAngelo Hall.jpg
Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall picked off Jay Cutler 4 times on Sunday, and on Monday expounded upon what he thinks about the Chicago Bears QB.

"You know what man, Jay's a little bit, he don't really understand, I guess, the game, the game of football," Hall said on Monday. "And in the game of football, you're gonna see guys several times in their career. You know, he completed four passes against me when I was out in Oakland and he was in Denver on a Monday Night Football game, and I knew leading up to the game he was still feeling good about that. He made some smart, snide comments about that after that game, so I knew definitely he was gonna try to come out there and try me, and it didn't work for him."

Hall was then asked about the Chicago Bears' offensive personnel.

"They've got some great players, they've got some great players," he said. "They've definitely got some players out there, man....Jay's a good quarterback. He has that swagger and that confidence that you like out of your quarterback. If he's on your team, you love him to death, you'll ride or die with him. if he's not on your team, he's a guy that's gonna get into it with almost everybody on the field....They've got the weapons. They've got the weapons, man. But I guess our scheme and our guys just wanted it a little bit more that day."

Cutler wanted to burn Hall like he did in Denver, and says he'd throw it his way again.

"I've played against him before," Cutler said, at his own press conference. "There's no reason to shy away from him. I mean, that's hard for me to say, throwing four picks at a guy, but I'd still, if we had to play them tomorrow, I'd go at him every time, if we could."

Meanwhile, the Bears head into their bye week in disarray, with a freaked out fanbase. 

photo: Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune

h/t: D.C. Sports Bog via Black Sports Online

Brian Billick's Awesome Jay Cutler Analysis

Brian Billick on Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler early on during yesterday's game:

"You know what? Jay Cutler's been cleared to go. You don't worry about it because he's gotta be able to go. But after coming off the concussion, every hit you worry about."

No I don't know. Left me boggled. But Billick is solid as an analyst, just couldn't get the right expressions going in those thoughts.

Jaws Still Believes in Jay Cutler


Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Ron Jaworski of ESPN talks Jay Cutler in his latest breakdown segment.

Chicago Bears Pie Chart of Blame


Mmmm...pie chart of blame. I'm not sure what Bear Down Bacon means, but I like bacon and I like the Bears. I like this video he put up too. I don't agree with all of the numbers, but it's a clever way to pass out some blame for the offense woes of 2009.

I still think Cutler deserves a higher percentage of the blame based on the amount of red zone picks. Those most certainly take points off the board and that's all on him. There are other QBs that play with poor o-lines and don't throw as many picks. Cutler needs to become one of them.

Jay Cutler Has Been Google Bombed

It's a popular internet meme. You type in someone's name with "is" at the end of it in Google and you have yourself a blog post, and perhaps a moment of hilarity. Sometimes these are shopped up to create the comedy. And sometimes the results are hacked by googlebombers. Such is the case for Jay Cutler.


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I Don't Think Troy Aikman Is a Jay Cutler Fan

There were a few comments made by Troy Aikman during Sunday's game which gave me the impression that he is not a big fan of Jay Cutler.

Speaking about the O-line and sacks Aikman said, "There have been times when Cutler has held (the ball) longer than he should." I don't think that is accurate at all, and I can't recall any such sack this season. Cutler has mostly been forced to get rid of the ball just seconds into each drop. Plus he's able to get out of the pocket and scramble. To blame any sack on Cutler with what he's working with (read: line and receivers) seems harsh coming from another QB like Aikman.

There was also a play where Roberto Garza got owned by the defensive tackle. Aikman said Garza was not expecting Cutler to flush to the right and that "He was actually in pretty good position to make the block. Cutler more or less ran into that one because of the pressure he had off the edge."

I'm pretty sure that when the tackle bull rushes you into the QB's pocket in the backfield that you are not in good position to make a block. Especially when you are no longer between the QB and the DT. I don't have rings like Aikman, but I found that to be a bit ridiculous.
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Denver Weight Lifting Guy Talks Cutler, Crybabies

I thought this was a parody at first. But it's not. Which makes it all the much better.

It starts with a classic Ron Burgundy-esque line about weight-lifting, with this guy's old school bench in the background and the breathing a bit heavy. He proceeds to talk about who he perceives as the crybabies in the league, a soliloquy rife with misinformation and meatball analysis. You gotta love his t-shirt too.

It's Not All Touchdowns and Sunshine

Obtaining players like Jay Cutler and Gaines Adams has an effect that can be felt for years after the trade. With a few exceptions, the Bears' younger players are solid yet unspectacular, and their best players are aging.

Hub Arkush from Pro Football Weekly and 670 the Score briefly breaks down some of the repercussions of giving up high draft picks.

What They're Saying About Jay: Dan McNeil

cutler steelers.jpg

"Cutler passed his first test of crisis management. He bounced back from his malodorous night against the Packers and did what he was brought here to do -- walk on water when necessary. It was fun seeing a guy in a Bears uniform connecting on 9 of 10 fourth-quarter attempts.

You never forget your first. And our first with Cutler came at the expense of the world champs. Sweet." -- Dan McNeil, Sun-Times

In that same column McNeil says he wants Forte to break 100 yards on Sunday. No doubt. Time to get this running game going. The passing game -- downfield especially -- will be better for it. I thought we weren't going to have to worry about the run game this year.

What They're Saying About Jay: Phil Simms

"It was a little over-analyzed for Week 1. Nothing that happened in Week 1 would change my opinion of him.

All offseason, all preseason, the Broncos were the stupidest team in history. The Bears were the love affair. And after one game, the national media demonized the guy." - Phil Simms

h/t: Trib

What They're Saying About Jay: Lacrosse Tribune

Dave Myers from the Lacrosse Tribune has some thoughts on the Bears and Jay Cutler. The thoughts themselves are not unique; many columnists, bloggers and even ex-Head Coaches have said the same things. But the methodology he uses to get to his conclusion is, well, odd.

"After watching Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler put on his interception demonstration against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, I thought it might be a good idea to sit back and wait a couple of days before chiming in. Sort of give his performance (during the game and after when he spoke to the media) a chance to sink in.

After letting Cutler's four-pick performance and his subsequent annoyingly disassociated response after the game percolate a bit, I have come to one conclusion: The Bears may have a problem on their hands."

I don't think you can wait a few days and come to that conclusion based on his first game, which was on the road against a good football team, in a tough place to play. He knew what he wanted to write and just need a bit of data to support it.

He continues:

"In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit I was absolutely lambasting the Minnesota Vikings for not swinging the trade to acquire Cutler from Denver when they had the chance. However, now that a little time has passed (and we saw what happened in Green Bay) I fully understand why the Vikings took a pass on Cutler.

They already had signed him - years ago. It's just that when they initially signed him he was going by the name Jeff George."

Oh how clever! The "Jeff George" line. But in truth, George never, ever did anything like Cutler did in his first 3 seasons. 

We all get that Cutler is polarizing. So just come out and say that you don't like the guy. One regular season game cannot logically sway your determination about him one way or the other, The Vikings passed on Cutler and went for...Brett Favre? Good luck with that.

Best Little Sportscaster Ever On Jay Cutler

I kid you not -- I would take this kid over 90% of the sportscasters we currently have to watch on TV. This kid is fabulous! He talks about Cutler and Orton in his opening segment.

Cutler Quotes: Cris Collinsworth

Cris Collinsworth, on the Cutler trade from Sunday night's telecast:

"I can't believe that it happened to be honest with you. You just don't see franchise quarterbacks move like that...There are a lot of different ways to win in the National Football League...but the simplest path to a Super Bowl is if you have a franchise quarterback, and right now the Chicago Bears certainly have one."

"I personally think there were a lot of mistakes here in Denver over the last couple of months."

In Which Jay Mariotti Is the Voice of Reason

I know, right? But it's true. Mariotti on Denver fans booing the franchise, Jay Cutler:

When the fans boo Cutler, aren't they really venting bitterness over the demise of their beloved franchise? Cutler has moved on to a town that will adore him and a team that should make the playoffs, if not contend for a Super Bowl in a hazy NFC. The Broncos? They're a mess -- and might be for a long time. Getting to Cutler with blitz packages might be the highlight of the a long season ahead. In the end, they can boo all they want, but they really should be booing McDaniels and Bowlen for running a franchise quarterback out of town at the pre-prime age of 26. And receiving in return a mediocre Kyle Orton, two No. 1 draft picks and a third-round pick? How stupid was that?

It's true. And Pat Bowlen looked sickly in his suite last night. I think he is a man full of regret at this point. The old adage "It's gonna get worse before it gets better" can be applied to the once proud Broncos.

What They're Saying About Jay

Jay Cutler In the Huddle

Rick Stewart, Getty Images

David Haugh, Chicago Tribune: "Wherever Cutler put the football against the Bills, where he placed responsibility for his interception might have been the most telling thing about his first game as a Bear.

The rest of it -- 5 of 10 for 64 yards and that interception in 14 plays -- should be of little concern. If Cutler plays this poorly next month, the civic reaction should be "uh-oh." But now a collective "oh, well," works just fine."

Brad Biggs, Chicago Sun-Times: "No, Jay Cutler isn't going to resemble Kyle Orton this season, even if it was the kind of uneven, sometimes head-scratching preseason effort the Bears are used to."
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Not Everyone's Riding the Cutler Train

We know that Denver fans and bloggers traded in their tickets for the Cutler train. They recently downgraded to some economy coach tickets, also known as "Orton". That train is not as fast, doesn't move as smoothly and sometimes doesn't reach it's destination.

Here in Chicago we've had an upgrade to the "Cutler". It's like a ticket for the first-class super sleeper. It's rocket fast and totally new to us here in Chicago. But not everybody wants to hop on board.

Says Rick Morrissey about Cutler:

The reason for the enthusiasm surrounding Cutler is obvious. The Bears haven't had a good quarterback in a long time. And his arm seems to be fitted with a hydraulic slingshot. But if I might be the fly in the Kool-Aid, let's see what this guy can do in, you know, a real game before we crown him the next Peyton Manning.

But that's the whole point for the outrageous optimism -- he hasn't played a game yet.
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Will Jay Cutler Bring Back Memories of Rex?

In this edition of "What They're Saying About Jay", we present to you the most inflammatory words that we have read about Cutler since his acquisition. It comes from KC Joyner's "Fifth Down" at the NYT, and the post is titled "Sorry, Bears Fans, Cutler Isn't the Answer"

"I've said it many times and I'll say it again -- Cutler will make Bears fans remember Rex Grossman. He'll make just as many crazy passes but won't suffer the Grossman fate because Chicago's fan base is so in love with him that they will forgive the nutty throws he makes in ways that they never forgave Grossman."

What Joyner forgets is that Rex was once loved tremendously by Bears fans. We are not sycophants. We love our team. But if Cutler starts acting the fool and throwing picks, the honeymoon will be over in a hurry.

What They're Saying About Jay

"What They're Saying About Jay" will be a regular feature here at "Jay Cutler Superstar".

Our first entry comes from the Bronco blog "Predominantly Orange". They have predicted their top 10 Broncos headlines for the season. Coming in at #2 (said just like Casey Kasem), was this gem called "Flip-Flop":

"Look for Orton to have a big season while Cutler struggles in Chicago. That's what happens when you've got a great offensive line coupled with great receivers in Orton's case. In Cutler's case, the lack of support may cause Mid-Way Jay to crave some Rocky Mountain air."

What exactly is in that Rocky Mountain air? What has happened is that the Broncos have lost one of the best coaches in the game in Mike Shanahan and a franchise QB in Jay Cutler. Neither of those are available in abundance -- trust us -- we know. And now the Orange Crush has a rookie head coach who basically ran Cutler out of town and Kyle Orton, who throws the deep ball as if his fingers were frost-bitten.

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