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Jay Cutler and Rick Reilly: The Fake Interview

cutler throwbacl.jpg
Yet another like-minded soul who sees through the media's BS. Here is the fake (yet oh so real) interview between ESPN's Rick Reilly and Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler. The stuff about Tom Brady is spot on. Enjoy!

Santa Claus, Indiana Wishes Jay Cutler Good Luck!


Some residents of Santa Claus, Indiana got together and made this video for Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler.
Nice touch, Santa Claus. GO BEARS!!

Fake Sack Record Guy Rips Jay Cutler

Michael Strahan, better known as the fake sack record holder and also as that guy that is on your TV waaaaaaaaay too much, was on the T.Ocho show (apparently that's still on?!) and took the time to criticize Jay Cutler. Perhaps Mike forgot that it is 2010 and not 2009.

Someone needs to tell Strahan that the Bears don't throw it downfield as much as he thinks. And seriously -- why is this guy continually all over my TV? What's the appeal? I don't get it.

Jay Cutler, Touchdown Machine [Videos]

Relive the glory of the Chicago Bears victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday with these awesome highlights of Jay Cutler and the offense doing work. Oh, and never mind that you got really nervous after that last Seahawks touchdown. If you really want to get all freaked out just start thinking about the game against the Packers.

Jay Cutler to Kellen Davis 39-yd. TD Pass

Jay Cutler to Greg Olsen 58-yd TD Pass

Jay Cutler 9-yd TD Run
Jay Cutler 6-yd TD Run


Devin Hester Breaks NFL Record for Touchdown Returns [Video]

hester td.jpg

Chicago Bears superman Devin Hester sets the all-time NFL record for touchdown returns. And he does it on the same night the Bears win the division, and when the Corey Wootton smashes Brett Favre out of the game. What a night, what a game!

Ndamukong Suh Hit on Jay Cutler [Video]

So what do you think now? Did he hit him in the head or not?

Brian Billick and Tim Ryan on Jay Cutler and the Bears

Some interesting points made by Fox Sports analysts Brian Billick and Tim Ryan in this video regarding the success of Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears. Quick memo to Ryan though: zoom out a bit. Really, explore the space. 

You Stay Classy, Brandon Marshall

brandon marshall.jpg
Brandon Marshall received a taunting penalty, likely overplayed his "injury" and showed off his alligator arms last night. He also was flagged for an illegal block and dropped 2 very catchable passes. He ended up in street clothes after his 'injury' and did not speak to reporters after the game. He was bested on his own team by 4th round pick Brian Hartline, who had 5 catches for 70 yards. Marshall caught 3 balls for 41 yards and has just 1 touchdown on the season. Marshall probably didn't like the repeated pounding the Bears' defense was giving to him and left the game. Tell me -- who pulls or re-aggravates a hamstring injury and then gets in street clothes for the rest of the game? Marshall is a talent, but he came off last night as a big baby, and one that isn't that tough either. It's a long pattern for him now. photo credit: Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

Jay Cutler Mic'd Up Against the Bills

"Hey, I've been eating at Whole Foods, I've been slimming down, man...getting my wheels right." -- Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler: I'd Go at DeAngelo Hall Every Time [Video]

cutler skins.jpg

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler's interesting remarks about DeAngelo Hall at a post-game press conference.

Is this Cutler trying to show leadership and confidence, or is it a sign that he still has plenty of maturity to gain as an NFL quarterback?

photo cred: Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

The Jay Cutler Hater: Embarrassing You Tube Videos

People, people -- be careful with those webcams and what you do with those videos. Some intrepid blogger might find them and post them on his mildly successful site for grownups to laugh at and ridicule. Case in point: this potty-mouthed Jay Cutler hater who does well with cussing, but not so much when it comes to making salient points. 

"Broadcast on national television...all over the f---in world!" You can't make this stuff up, folks. Chicago Bears fans thank you for the laughs!

There is some NSFW language.

Jay Cutler Highlights: Week 2 Dallas Cowboys [HD Videos]

Highlights from Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler and his excellent performance against the Cowboys in Week 2.

Jay Cutler to Devin Hester

Jay Cutler to Johnny Knox
Jay Cutler to Greg Olsen

Jay Cutler to Devin Hester for the TD

Jay Cutler: Top 5 Fantasy QB?

Fanball predicts the fantasy football future for Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler. They throw out some serious numbers.

If Cutler is a top-5 fantasy QB that means the Bears are going to the postseason. But with Brees, Manning, Rodgers, Rivers and Brady, it's hard to see Cutler as a top-5, at least at this point.

Crazy Packers Fan is Hilarious


What do you get when you cross Harry Caray with Andy Dick? Larry Garry. Here's an episode of "Larry Garry's Hail Mary Packer News", and even though I loathe the Packers, I think this is absolutely hilarious.

Killer Jay Cutler Highlight Video

Watch this then tell me how ready you are for the season opener. Jay Cutler -- 30+ TD passes this year? Chicago Bears with two 1,000-yard receivers this year?

Jay Cutler & Bears Surprise Youth Football Team

Jay Cutler, Greg Olsen, Brian Urlacher and some other Bears showed up at a youth football practice and sprung a rather big surprise on some lucky kiddos.

Great video and the reactions of the kids is priceless. The video was taken at a park in Libertyville. "We didn't want anyone to know we were coming out. We wanted to keep the surprise for the kids.", said Scott Hagel, spokesman for the Chicago Bears. And what a surprise it was.

Hagel also said the touch football game will be used in the Bears' "One City, One Team" marketing campaign as part of a television commercial that will soon hit the air all around Chicago.

h/t: Daily Herald

Jay Cutler Speaks at Start of Bears Camp

Here's Jay Cutler's initial remarks as he arrived for Chicago Bears training camp a few days ago. Count the microphones and cameras. Maybe 20?

The Jay Cutler Saga (Best. Video. Ever.)

Thumbnail image for cutler smiles.jpg
The offseason is the time to put things in perspective, as well as other little things, like finding coordinators for both sides of the ball. In this video, Bears fan Jimmy Mac wraps up the Cutler to the Bears story from the beginning. It's a micro-documentary and amazing highlight reel. Network quality, Jimmy.

As for the Bears and Cutler, we know that next season will certainly not lack excitement.

Packers Fans Rip the 'ViQueens'

The only time I like the Packers? When their fans are ripping on Vikings. Actually, I just like the ripping on the Vikings part.

You Should Stop Making You Tube Videos When...


You know when you should stop making You Tube videos? Probably when you create something like this:

This guy just blew up the Awfulmeter! New hobby needed: Stat!

Jay Cutler, Old School Football [Video]


Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune

Here's Cutler on a scramble against the Vikings. I love how he puts his head down and plows through Madieu Williams. Matt Forte -- are you watching?

Jay Cutler, Lovie Smith Postgame Remarks

h/t: Mouthpiece Sports

Jay Cutler to Aromashodu in Overtime (Video)

Jaws Still Believes in Jay Cutler


Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Ron Jaworski of ESPN talks Jay Cutler in his latest breakdown segment.

Chicago Bears Pie Chart of Blame


Mmmm...pie chart of blame. I'm not sure what Bear Down Bacon means, but I like bacon and I like the Bears. I like this video he put up too. I don't agree with all of the numbers, but it's a clever way to pass out some blame for the offense woes of 2009.

I still think Cutler deserves a higher percentage of the blame based on the amount of red zone picks. Those most certainly take points off the board and that's all on him. There are other QBs that play with poor o-lines and don't throw as many picks. Cutler needs to become one of them.

Wanna-be Gangster/Ravens Fan Has Crooked Hat, Lame Analysis

I think I saw this kid in "Gran Torino". He really likes the phrase "Here we are". Caution: A bit of language near the middle, when he predicts Jay Cutler will throw 6 picks against the Ravens.

More Idiots Burning Cutler Stuff

burn cutler name.jpg

These guys apparently went to the trouble of snipping the name off of a Cutler jersey, and then lighting it on fire. Not sure what they did with the rest of the jersey. Maybe one of them is still wearing it. Ten bucks says one of them has some burns from this.

Jay Cutler Does Not Like Your Microphone

C'mon Jay! Either ask politely or really get that mic out of the way. BTW, the video is titled Jay Cutler flips out. That's hardly flipping out.

Vikings Fans' Lame Version of Sweet Home Chicago


The goal here is to tell me your favorite part of this music video. For me, it's definitely the two chicks trying to keep time with the alternating left/right finger snaps. It's just classic. They were concentrating so hard they didn't even really smile.

Jay Cutler Mic'd Up: In the Huddle and On the Sideline

This is a great insight into the world of an NFL QB. Jay Cutler was mic'd up for the Niners game and we are taken into the huddle and onto the sideline with him. Some of the camera angles are great too, giving us a better view of what's coming at Cutler with frequency.

Something to Cheer Up Bears Fans

Since Bears fans and the namesake have had a rough week, I found a video gem to cheer you all up. It comes from Powder, or as I like to call him, Mini-Conan O' Brien. You may recall him from such videos on JCS like the "Jay Cutler Rap". Turns out he's a huge Packer fan and he has a new "rap" called "Packer Backer". You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll send it to your friends and you'll make your kids promise they will NEVER write rhymes like this. Without further ado...
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Jay Cutler on Living With Diabetes

Jay Cutler and Bears/Browns Highlights

More please: Cutler to Forte and Cutler to Knox. Less please: bad offensive line play.

Denver Weight Lifting Guy Talks Cutler, Crybabies

I thought this was a parody at first. But it's not. Which makes it all the much better.

It starts with a classic Ron Burgundy-esque line about weight-lifting, with this guy's old school bench in the background and the breathing a bit heavy. He proceeds to talk about who he perceives as the crybabies in the league, a soliloquy rife with misinformation and meatball analysis. You gotta love his t-shirt too.

It's Not All Touchdowns and Sunshine

Obtaining players like Jay Cutler and Gaines Adams has an effect that can be felt for years after the trade. With a few exceptions, the Bears' younger players are solid yet unspectacular, and their best players are aging.

Hub Arkush from Pro Football Weekly and 670 the Score briefly breaks down some of the repercussions of giving up high draft picks.

Jay Cutler Shares His Diabetes Story

While Jay Cutler's success is of utmost importance to Bears fans, it's also going to benefit children with diabetes. With each touchdown pass Cutler throws, Eli Lilly and Company will donate $1,000 to the American Diabetes Association's (ADA) "campership" fund -- roughly the cost of sending one child to a attend a week of diabetes camp. For each pass that Cutler completes during the 2009 season, they will donate an additional $100 to the "campership" fund.

Hopefully they are donating $40k in TD passes alone! If you'd like to find out more about this campaign and see more videos, just visit www.touchdownsfordiabetes.com.

Jay Cutler High School Video Highlights

cutler HS.jpg

Photo credit: jaycutlersix.com

Check out a younger, smaller Jay Cutler in this video done by Lance Wilkerson, who covered Jay in high school. You have to love Cutler catching a TD pass on a gadget play. I'll be looking for that against the Falcons.


Jay Cutler NFL on Fox Interview

"We're not going to be the ones to lose the game." -- Jay Cutler on the Bears offense

Jay Cutler recently talked with Pam Oliver on the 'NFL on Fox'. Here is the interview:

Only One Reason Cutler Won't Shred Lions D

Cutler fist pump2.jpg

Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

The Lions may have 30+ new players on their roster in 2009, but their defense remains woeful through the first three games of the season.

They have allowed the most points (86) in the NFC North and the 3rd most in the NFC. There's only one reason Cutler shouldn't put up massive numbers on Sunday: Matt Forte. If Forte (and the O-line) can get untracked, then Cutler may not have to resort to 4th quarter heroics for the the third week in a row.

But if the Bears run game stalls again, Cutler will surely post 300+ passing yards. And as fun as it is to watch him work his craft, it's undoubtedly better to see Forte get it going this week. Either way, the Lions haven't won a road game since who knows when. So if the Bears somehow lose to Detroit at Soldier Field, it will be an extremely disappointing bye week for the entire city.

Here's the NFL Films preview of the Bears/Lions game:
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One More Time: Cutler Highlights vs. Seattle

Just a few days away until the Bears/Lions game. Let's enjoy the Jay Cutler highlights from the Seattle game one more time.

One More Time: Cutler Highlights vs. Steelers

cutler steelers.jpg

Sunday against the Seahawks seems promising with all of the Seattle injuries. But we should enjoy this masterful performance by Cutler one more time. Here's the Cutler highlight package from the Steelers game. Let's hope he repeats this effort on Sunday. Hit the jump for the video...
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Fans Still Burning Cutler Jerseys

burn cutler jersey.jpg
You'd think the most stupid thing in this video is when the guy says, "Brand new jersey, just bought it and I'm burning it." That's close. But they can't even burn the jersey. Then they took this utter fail and still proceeded to put it on You Tube. Wow. Saddest thing? I think these guys are Bears fans.

Jay Cutler at the Michigan Avenue Magazine Bash

Jay Cutler at the Michigan Avenue magazine one-year anniversary bash. This event was just one day after the Bears loss to Green Bay and Cutler's 4-pick performance. He doesn't look worried about it at all.

I think the ladies will like this video. Did I just write that?

Cutler Talks About Packers Game

Hey Jay! Here's What You'll See at Lambeau

pack fans.jpg
Since this is Jay Cutler's 1st trip to Lambeau, we thought we would provide him with this video preview of what he can expect to see when he gets there -- the 'lovely' ladies of Lambeau. The second half of the video you get to see the true beauties: our beloved female Bears fans. A tip of the hat to my friends at InGameNow for the video. Hit the jump to see it...
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Best Little Sportscaster Ever On Jay Cutler

I kid you not -- I would take this kid over 90% of the sportscasters we currently have to watch on TV. This kid is fabulous! He talks about Cutler and Orton in his opening segment.

Angry Jay Cutler Fan Stars In Weird Video

If you make it to the end of this video you must really enjoy freakish displays of fandom. As for the guy doing the monologue, I kept hoping that the small door he was standing in front of would open and knock him over. It would have been great. It is a bit, right? I did laugh a few tiimes.

Jay Cutler vs. Broncos: Video Highlights

Great set of highlights and I especially enjoy Jeff Joniak's enthusiasm on the call.

Cutler to Aromashodu

Thumbnail image for devin aromashodu.jpg
This could be an exciting combo for the Bears: Cutler to Aromashodu. Maybe he's just playing well in the preseason, but this kid looks like an NFL receiver. He's 6'2" 200 and has some long arms and big hands. Hit the jump to see the great play he made in the Giants game.

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Jay Cutler Highlights

cutler giants.jpg
The NBA has done a tremendous job of allowing bloggers do a lot of their promotion by letting them embed game and highlight videos. MLB almost immediately takes down highlight videos from You Tube, claiming their copyright. It's somewhat shortsighted. If any league needs some good, free publicity it's MLB. I'm not sure how the NFL treats user videos. I guess we'll find out, because here are the highlights from Jay Cutler ripping up the Giants on Saturday.
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Mini Conan O'Brien Raps About Jay Cutler

"Powder" aka Mini-Conan graces the internet with this rap about how Jay Cutler sucks. It's really more of a Peter Brady "When It's Time to Change" rendition, toned down to a whisper. Dig the 70's recliner the kid is sitting on.

Jay Cutler Monday Practice Video

h/t: Trib You Tube

Interview with Fake Virtual Jay Cutler

Pretty clever video in which "virtual" Jay Cutler turns the table on Chicago and Bears fans. There is a bit of language used, but nothing too harsh. Kind of funny...and kind of creepy.

It's Burn Jay Cutler Jerseys Month!

Hark! The young Broncos fan has spoken. He proclaims that it's "Burn Jay Cutler Jerseys Month", at least in Denver. The little fella reads a written statement while flaming up a Cutler #6 Broncos jersey in this video:

They took all that time to create and upload that video, they could have at least added a soundtrack to it. I'm thinking "The End" by The Doors would have been sweet.

Tip of the Hat to my guy Mike who found the video. He posted it at his site Bear Goggles On, one of the best Bears blogs out there.

The Punky QB Talks About Jay Cutler

Jim McMahon joined The Monsters a while back and had this to say about Jay Cutler:

He said that the fans will love you if you play hard. Will that be the case with Cutler? I think he can play hard all he wants but anything less than 10 wins and a playoff appearance and people will be all over him whether it's deserved or not.

Jay Cutler Wildcat Video

Here's the video of Jay Cutler split wide as the Bears run the Wildcat formation.

What Jay Was Really Saying About Day 1

Jay Cutler was saying a lot of the right things about day 1 of Bears training camp, or "Camp Cutler" as everyone is calling it.

But over at Bear Goggles, they interpreted his comments like this:

Everyone's a little rusty... = these receivers aren't that good...

Guys were in the right spots... = at least Devin Hester and Earl Bennett know the plays...

We're gettin' there... =  these receivers aren't that good...

It's good to hit some of those big plays because they're hard to come by... = don't expect too much from us...

Everyone was out here 30 minutes early... = We need the practice.

I kid. I kid. As Wanny used to say, "We'll be fine" = we're not fine.

Funny stuff. I hope that wasn't what he was really thinking. Here is the video of Jay's comments from Day 1.

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