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Would You Walk 425 Miles to Support the Chicago Bears?

I suppose that if I was a Lions fan and my team had never won a Super Bowl, hadn't won a division in 17 years and hadn't broke .500 since Y2K, that I might consider walking some to support my team. But 425 miles? I love the Bears, but this guy is insane.

Joseph Paquette would walk a million miles for his favorite team, the Detroit Lions.

Well, not quite a million, but at least 425 -- the distance from his home in Munising, Mich., to the Lions' training camp in Allen Park.

Paquette, 63, departed Sunday on his Munising-to-Allen Park walking journey to show support for the Lions, according to the Mining Journal of Marquette, Mich.

"It would be nice for Lions fans to get word of what I'm doing so they could come out and walk a mile or so with me to show their support," Paquette told the Mining Journal about his favorite team, which has won just two games the past two seasons.

Paquette's goal is to walk 25-30 miles a day, and he estimates that he will complete the journey in 16-21 days.

Paquette is also still hoping that Barry Sanders changes his mind about that early retirement, still thinks Joey Harrington will be a good NFL QB and swears that Scott Mitchell was a great acquisition.

The Detroit News
Detroit 4 Lyfe

Jay Cutler Monday Practice Video

h/t: Trib You Tube

Cutler to Olsen Could Be Huge

Vaughn McClure of the Trib had this report from camp:

Cutler started 7-on-7 drills completing 5 of 6 passes, including a deep one down the sideline to Earl Bennett. Cutler ended practice 6 of 8 running the two-minute drill out of the shotgun from his own 35. The drive ended with a 2-yard end-zone hookup with Greg Olsen on the fade, a nice one-handed catch.

Mr. Personality: As Olsen was surrounded by reporters after practice, Cutler casually walked by and said, "Two hands, two hands."
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Jay Cutler Wildcat Video

Here's the video of Jay Cutler split wide as the Bears run the Wildcat formation.

Jay Cutler, Wide Receiver?

Check out this tweet from the Trib's Vaughn McClure:

McClure Tweet.jpg

What Jay Was Really Saying About Day 1

Jay Cutler was saying a lot of the right things about day 1 of Bears training camp, or "Camp Cutler" as everyone is calling it.

But over at Bear Goggles, they interpreted his comments like this:

Everyone's a little rusty... = these receivers aren't that good...

Guys were in the right spots... = at least Devin Hester and Earl Bennett know the plays...

We're gettin' there... =  these receivers aren't that good...

It's good to hit some of those big plays because they're hard to come by... = don't expect too much from us...

Everyone was out here 30 minutes early... = We need the practice.

I kid. I kid. As Wanny used to say, "We'll be fine" = we're not fine.

Funny stuff. I hope that wasn't what he was really thinking. Here is the video of Jay's comments from Day 1.

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