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NFL Network: Don't Be Surprised by Jay Cutler's Success

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NFL Network analyst and former QB Trent Green says that no one should be surprised with the success that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is having with this season.

Check out the video: Surprised by Cutler's Success? Don't Be.

What seems clearer as time moves forward is that Cutler was not a fan of Ron Turner's offense. 

Can Cutler and the Bears get past the Green Bay Packers on Monday night? NFL.com also has a video preview of the week 3 Bears vs. Packers matchup.

The Punky QB Talks About Jay Cutler

Jim McMahon joined The Monsters a while back and had this to say about Jay Cutler:

He said that the fans will love you if you play hard. Will that be the case with Cutler? I think he can play hard all he wants but anything less than 10 wins and a playoff appearance and people will be all over him whether it's deserved or not.

Jay Cutler Is So Good He's In Cartoons

This is a bit old, but it's a must see for any Cutler or Bears fan.

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