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Mike Martz: Jay Cutler Has Warner's Accuracy with Stronger Arm

Mike Martz joined the Mully and Hanley show this morning on 670 The Score and talked in length about Jay Cutler, the running game and the hiring process. Dan Pompei was in for Hanley.

Martz talked up his new QB and had some amazing praise for #6. Martz called him "remarkably bright", a "terrific talent" and much more. He basically says the sky is the limit for Cutler. Can't disagree there, but it would be nice if the Bears go out and get him one more receiver and lineman for 2010.

It's a great interview with Martz that you can listen to by clicking the link.

Interview: Jay Cutler "Cry Baby" Jersey Guy

cry baby.jpg

The photo of the guy with the Cutler "Cry Baby" jersey was such a hit, I thought it would be cool to have a chat with him. So Chicago Now flew me out to Denver I hit him up with some e-mail questions and he was kind enough to reply. His name is Jeremy Glasoe, and he runs a sports site called "Colorado Sports Desk". 
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