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Not Jay Cutler: The Fake Twitter Account

Are you following @NotJayCutler, Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler's fake Twitter counterpart? Pretty lame stuff, especially ripping on Chicago. Broncos fans must really be enjoying their 2-4 season to date.


Jay Cutler Greets Dwyane Wade at Bears/Cowboys Game

jc and dwade.jpg

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler greets DWade at Cowboy Stadium, courtesy of Zach Zaidman. Follow Zach on Twitter: @ZachZaidman

Jay Cutler Has a New Shirt to Sell You

When he's not busy ingesting the enormity that is the Mike Martz playbook, Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler tries to keep up with social media and his brand. He recently tweeted the following:

New JC6 shirt available. Check it out. To buy it, go to my website and shop gear- jc6gear.com http://twitpic.com/1t23qa

You may wonder why a star NFL quarterback sells t-shirts on his website. The answer? Because he can. And why not? It's a pretty cool shirt.


I wonder if any of the Cutler jersey burners will cough up the dough to have something new to ruin. Follow Jay Cutler on Twitter

I Hope Jay Cutler Is Wrong

Freudian slip? Simple grammar error? Self-fulfilling prophecy? Whatever the case may be, I just hope Jay's latest tweet does not come true. If the Bears don't win this week Bears fans will be hotter than 100 Arizona suns.


Bears/Cutler/Ochocinco Tweet War!

Chad Ochocinco should be reviewing and/or bumming about how the Bengals lost to the Texans at home. Instead he's Tweeting his head off to Jay Cutler and the Bears.

@jaycutler6 tell your defense I'm gonna run circles around them, I'm mad we lost, peanut Tillman is gonna kiss da baby along with the rest'

@jaycutler6 Jay if you don't respond I'll be level 2 pissed and I'll full retarded on you= Mike Dikta mad

@jaycutler6: @OGOchoCinco it's only Monday. Already starting?

@D_Hest23 Devin , wake up!!!

@realdeal91 Tommie why are your db's scared of me, it's just a game , tell them to call me out on Wednesday

@Jmack37 dude don't bother getting dressed Sunday okay!!!!

     @alexbrown96 get your db's on Twitter before Sunday , you have till tonight to reply or you gonna feel my wrath to!!!

Check out the entire exchange over at Bear Goggles with Boomer. You can also join Boomer and a cast of thousands during Bears games at Bears Game Day.
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Cutler Tweet of the Day


Today's "Cutler Tweet of the Day" comes from some cat named Chuck Norriz:

"the only thing Kyle Orton does better than Jay Cutler is produce insulin" thanks Vic in No-Cal that's the funniest thing I'll hear all day!

That is pretty funny!

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