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Coach Ditka: Not a Jay Cutler Fan

Escape the Cowboys!

Da Coach, Mike Ditka was recently the subject of an interview in the Sun-Times, and it seems he isn't the biggest fan of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler.

"People talk about the combine, about body fat, 40 times, bench presses, how high you can jump," said Ditka. "That's great, but how do you measure heart?"

He went on to say that while leadership is hard to define, it comes down to "class," something he feels Newton has. Ditka also said the Bears might want to take a look at the QB position in the draft.

"If Cutler's not in the future, go after the best quarterback available," said Ditka.

"Leadership and character, you can't teach those."

I think that Cutler showed plenty of leadership and character throughout 2010. He got sacked more than any QB in the league and kept getting up and back into the huddle. He never once threw his porous O-line under the bus. But Cutler might never live down leaving the Green Bay game until he wins it all. And that hardly seems fair.

Jay Cutler's Year in Pics: Cavallari, Concussions, Mocking & More

Taking a look at the up and down year of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler in pics. We have some fun with Jay, take a look at him with Kristin Cavallari, and go through the season that was.

Gallery sneak peek (42 images):

View the gallery...

Peter King: Jay Cutler Not Liked by NFL Players

Peter King was on WEEI to talk all things football, and spoke about Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler. Here's what King had to say.

On leaving the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers:

"There's no question in my mind that Cutler was limited and was not going to be able to be himself and wasn't going to be totally right. No question about it. However, I think there are more than 10 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, including the one who plays in this town (Brady), who would not have come out of the game. They would have said, 'Tape it up as tight as you can, and put a knee brace on -- do something -- but I'm playing in this game. Am I saying he should have played? No. I'm not saying he should have played. What I'm saying is there are players who would have played with what Jay Cutler had."

On Cutler's toughness:

"You're asking me if I question his toughness. And the answer is yes, I question it. But I think it's natural to question it when you have players out there who are saying, in essence, that, 'I would have played with that.' And I think a lot of them would have."

On Cutler's personality:

"He's just not a guy who's very highly regarded or very well liked by other players in the league."

King is a well-respected football writer, and you can see why from these quotes. He thinks things through and allows for different viewpoints. But the quote about Brady is a bit specious. Brady is game, but recall that he too left an AFC Championship game in 2001. Then he did play in the Super Bowl just 2 weeks later.

Ex-Packer Rips Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton and Lovie Smith

Thumbnail image for cutler throwbacl.jpg
Ex-Green Bay Packer Greg Koch had some invective for Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler, head coach Lovie Smith and former Bears QB Kyle Orton.

"Man, I just never thought that his tampon would fall out on national TV. ... If you're a professional athlete, you answer the bell until they tell you there's no way you can play. You can brace that thing.

Nobody would've kept Tom Brady off the field if he wanted to play. Nobody would've kept Peyton Manning off the field. Then you don't just sit on the sideline and ride a bike like a little girl. ... I've never seen anything like it. If that's the guy leading your team, you deserve a coach named Lovie.

This isn't a normal profession where you go, 'I've got the flu and I'm not coming in today. There are times you just gotta gut it up, shoot it up and play. It's the NFC Championship Game. ... If it comes out that he needs surgery, then maybe I need to take some of this back. But right now, I'm seeing it as a strained ligament and I've seen a lot of guys play with a lot worse."

If there's two guys who do not look like an NFL quarterback, if you just look at their mug, it's Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton, and they traded these two slobs for each other."

Koch was a durable, solid lineman for many years. But bringing up Brady is the worst possible example he could have chosen. Brady injured his knee in the 2001 AFC Championship game and had to leave. But there he was in the Super Bowl, leading the Pats to victory over the Rams. Was Brady a wuss for leaving the game? Did people question his toughness since he was able to play in the Super Bowl. No.

It's all just so stupid. If the guy could play -- and help the team -- he would. Koch, meanwhile, offended all sorts of people with his words. And you can listen to the Koch interview here.

Jay Cutler: Victim of the "NFL's Moron Soap Opera"


Jay Cutler is not so much "untough" -- seriously, I heard someone call him that --  as he is a victim of the NFL's moron soap opera, writes SB Nation's Spencer Hall.

"..the track record for Cutler does not indicate that. I watched Cutler play one of the tougher games by a quarterback at the college level I'd ever seen, a 49-42 loss by his Commodores to Florida in the Swamp in 2005. The game was a distillation of Cutler's entire career at Vanderbilt: abuse, zero blocking by his offensive line, throws off his back foot that somehow rocketed into receivers' hands over and over again, and ultimately a near-miss at glory by an undermanned team.

Cutler had the scowl and general bitchfacedness going back then, but you can't see that under the helmet. All you could see was the durability of a player who watched a good number of his completions from underneath a linebacker or defensive lineman, and the effect he had had on his teams. There was no "sparkle," no "charm," no dreaded "playing like a kid out there." He threw the ball hard. it went the right places. Vanderbilt competed in more games than they deserved to as a result of Cutler doing his job well. It's amazing how simple this equation is when you factor out the NFL's farting miasma of machismo and PR stunting."

You have to read the rest of the column for the full effect, but it's an amazing piece that clearly deciphers the "code" behind being a tough guy and playing through injuries and why Cutler didn't get a pass on Sunday when other players would have.

Ochocinco Has Jay Cutler's Back

Who would have thought that the voice of reason in the Jay Cutler injury fiasco would be...Chad Ochocinco?

The man with the massive Twitter following has publicly given his support to the Chicago Bears QB.


This could look bad for many of the NFL players that have ragged on Cutler considering that sources are already saying Cutler tore his MCL yesterday in the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

Source: Jay Cutler Has Torn MCL


Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that a source close to the "situation" says that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler did indeed tear the MCL in his left knee during the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was scheduled to undergo an MRI this morning to determine the extent of a torn MCL believed to be in his left knee, according to a source close to the situation.

Neither Cutler nor coach Lovie Smith explained when the injury occurred in the second quarter, but Cutler headed to the locker room for halftime ahead of his teammates, and he tested the stability of his knee in the opening series ot the third quarter. At that point, Smith said the team made the decision to remove him from the game.

An MCL tear is consistent with what Cutler noted after the game, that he was hit on the outside of his knee.

If in fact Cutler does have an MCL tear, would that change all the critics mind about his level of toughness?

Twitter Kills Jay Cutler

As soon as Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler left the game, an enormous barrage of tweets were posted just hammering him. They came from announcers, NFL players and fans. Only Joe Buck might have got more negative tweets than Cutler. A sample of the derision (BAD LANGUAGE INCLUDED):

cutler tweets.png

Lovie Smith and Brian Urlacher Defend Jay Cutler


While most everyone was ripping Jay Cutler on Twitter for leaving the game against the Packers, after the game Brian Urlacher and Lovie Smith came to the Chicago Bears QB's defense.

Lovie Smith:
"Jay of course was disappointed he couldn't go. He hurt his knee, and he was out. That's all I know to tell you. ... Let's go to some other questions."

Brian Urlacher:

"Jay was hurt. I don't question his toughness. He's tough as hell. He's one of the toughest guys on our football team. He doesn't bitch. He doesn't complain when he gets hit. He goes out there and plays his ass off every Sunday. He practices every single day. So, no, we don't question his toughness."

h/t: ESPNChicago.com and ChicagoBreakingSports.com

Bears Fans Burning Cutler Jerseys

Yes, it's come to this. Chicago Bears fans (at least this group of them) have stooped so low as to burn a Jay Cutler jersey after the NFC Championship loss to the Green Bay Packers. Sigh.

bears burn cutler jersey.jpg

h/t: Twit Pic

Jay Cutler Gets the Last Laugh?

cutler fist pump2.jpg
They took Jay Cutler's Denver Broncos jersey and replaced his name with "Cry Baby". They took his Broncos jersey and set it on fire. Bitter Broncos fans took his jersey and flushed it down the toilet. There was no shortage of outrage at his departure, no name they wouldn't call him.

Then Josh McDaniels went 6-0 to start the 2009 season with Kyle Orton as his starting QB. Cutler threw a lot of interceptions. That made Broncos fans puff out their chests even more.

But now, Broncos fans are realizing that Jay Cutler is having the last laugh. From NFL.com's Broncos Blog:

Everyone can laugh, but only a select few get the last laugh.

Do you hear the chuckle coming from Chicago? There's a man by the name of Jay Cutler who is whooping it up with Bears fans. That's because the Bears are headed to the NFC Championship this weekend, one win removed from a Super Bowl appearance.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos are huddled around their television sets thinking about how their team had one more loss than the Bears had wins.

Josh McDaniels is gone and Orton has been replaced by Tim Tebow. Things change fast, maybe even the hearts of Broncos fans. Over at Predominantly Orange, another Broncos blog, they ran a poll asking if Broncos fans would like to see Jay Cutler and the Bears beat the Packers this weekend. As I type this post, 79% of the respondents voted "Yes". That's pretty remarkable considering what most Broncos fans thought about Cutler just a short time ago.

Maybe they are realizing that McDaniels shouldn't have alienated Cutler and perhaps Brandon Marshall, or that Pat Bowlen should have never fired Mike Shanahan in the first place. You have to give them their props. Would Chicago fans be able to make such an about face? I'm not sure.

Green Bay Newspaper Can't Spell Chicago

It looks as if the Green Bay Packers might miss Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears because according to this Green Bay paper, the Pack are on their way to...


"Chicaco" sounds like some type of Chicago taco restaurant. And could they find 2 more miserable pictures of Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers? Doubtful.

Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers: Under the Microscope

Michael Silver of Yahoo writes about the similarities between Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler and his Green Bay Packers counterpart Aaron Rodgers.

More than most NFL players - and, realistically, most American citizens of the 21st century - Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers understand what it's like to have their personalities publicly dissected. The quarterbacks who'll face off in Sunday's NFC championship game at Soldier Field have felt the sting of presumptive perceptions during their young careers, and at times the evidence cited against them has been downright dubious. It's no wonder that the scorching-hot passers for the Packers and Bears are friends who, despite being in the middle of a longstanding rivalry, cheer for one another's good fortune. And it's nice that they have one another's backs, given that each player will take the field on Sunday feeling as though "He Hate Me" could be stitched onto the rear of his jersey.
As far as I know, Rodgers has only received it for his snub of the cancer patient at the airport, for which he was mostly exonerated. Cutler gets it for his facial expressions and body language, and even the way he talks. Read the rest of Silver's article here.

Jay Cutler Gets the Rick Reilly Rip Job

Thumbnail image for Aim. Fire.
Rick Reilly's article on Jay Cutler begins like this: "For a man from Santa Claus, Ind., Jay Cutler is one of the least jolly people you've ever met." You probably could have stopped right there, if not for the atrocity of that play on words, than for the utter ridiculousness at writing such a thing.

There was Reilly, just hours earlier on local ESPN radio, bemoaning the fact that he couldn't get much face time with the Chicago Bears QB. But in those tender, fleeting moments that he did spend with Cutler, apparently Reilly and his super powers of detection were able to come to such a conclusion. Interesting.

So since Cutler doesn't especially care to help the media with their jobs -- it sucks when work is hard, right? -- he is obviously the biggest lout ever. At least to hear Reilly tell it.

Quick: take three of your less than spectacular moments. Let Rick Reilly corroborate the stories. Boom! He'll come back with a judgment about your being.

Reilly asks: "So why is Cutler as popular as gout? Is it because he never makes eye contact?

Is it his seeming inability to answer a question without using "y'know"? (He once used it 57 times in a five-minute interview with the NFL Network.) Is it his penchant for making things difficult?"

Maybe it's because people like Rick Reilly continue to perpetrate this type column on the masses. Peyton Manning is the biggest jerk ever when it comes to dealing with teammates and calling them out. But he's A-OK because he gives the media the face time they so richly deserve. He's funny in commercials! He must be a great guy!

Does Cutler have a punch-me face, and at times a pissy attitude? Yep. Does that make him a joyless jerk? Hardly. Cutler isn't out kicking dogs, or killing them for that matter. Yet across the country people want to heap it on him. Why? Partly because of people like Rick Reilly.

The veil over Reilly is so thin. Had Cutler given him some one-on-one time, this column would be substantially different. It would have focused more on the quality traits he briefly touched on: his struggle with diabetes, his charitable work and how Cutler has taken a beating all season but kept getting up and never once threw his O-line under the bus.

Instead, Reilly took the easy route and continued to pile it on Cutler. How weak and unoriginal.

Ignorant Packers Fan Mocks Jay Cutler

Before I get ranting, understand that I understand that the people that actually make signs to take to sporting events are typically devoid of quality hobbies, and need spell check for most conjunctions. Unless it's original and totally clever, most signs are a waste of time, and serve no purpose except to block some decent fan's sight line and let the world know that you don't know all that much about sports. Yeah, I said it was going to be a rant.

Case in point: this Packers fan's attempt to mock Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler.

packers fans cutler cry.gif

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Patriots' Jarrad Page Talks Jay Cutler & Bears Offense [Video]

New England Patriots defensive back Jarrad Page talks about the Chicago Bears offense and Jay Cutler in this recent interview.

Page sounds very respectful and also cautious about Cutler and the Bears' weapons on offense. The Pats have won 4 in a row and the Bears have won 5 in a row. If the season ended today the Bears would have a first round bye in the playoffs -- how crazy is that? Would it also be crazy if Jay Cutler outduels Tom Brady? But all you really need to know is that if they win tomorrow they are definitely in the postseason. And if they win tomorrow, it's truly acceptable to start thinking about a Super Bowl appearance.

Denver Broncos Fire Josh McDaniels - The Cutler Angle

The Denver Post reports that the Broncos have fired head coach Josh McDaniels.

"My decision to relieve Josh McDaniels as head coach was not taken lightly. I will always be appreciative of his passion, enthusiasm and hard work, and I thank him for his efforts.

In the end, I was not satisfied with the results and the direction this team was headed. The decision to make a change was extremely difficult but one that needed to be made for this organization and our fans," Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said.

So rewind a bit. If Josh McDaniels doesn't anger Jay Cutler and subsequently Brandon Marshall in the process, maybe those two players -- Pro Bowl caliber players -- remain on the team. Would McDaniels still be the head coach of the Broncos? My guess is yes.

But his first course of duty was to inquire about obtaining Matt Cassel. Justifiably, Cutler was miffed, and asked for a trade. Marshall left too. Oops. Bad move, Josh.

The funny part is that he will probably be a head coach in the NFL again sooner rather than later. Perhaps in his next position he will adopt some better practices in player management. Because when you dump your two best players on offense, success is a difficult thing to obtain.

Bradshaw's List of Best QBs Under 30 Has No Room for Jay Cutler


Terry Bradshaw takes a pass on Jay Cutler for his top-10 QBs under 30.

Terry Bradshaw made a list of his top 10 NFL quarterbacks that are under the age of 30. Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler didn't make the cut. Here's the list:

  1. Philip Rivers
  2. Ben Roethlisberger
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Matt Ryan
  5. Sam Bradford
  6. Joe Flacco
  7. Mark Sanchez
  8. Josh Freeman
  9. Eli Manning
  10. Matt Schaub
We all know that these lists are fluid and can change by the week. And if you were to poll the NFL's GMs and ask them to make a list of which QBs under 30 they would draft, the list would look much different than this, and Cutler would be on almost all of them. In his video explaining the list, Bradshaw begs to differ on that point.

"Folks, let's just pretend that there is a new team coming into the NFL, and they're told that they can pick from any of the top 10 quarterbacks under 30 years of age. Who would they pick, based on a lot of things -- here is the list."

Call me a homer, but all things being equal I'd rather have Cutler than a lot of these guys. Rivers and Rodgers are locks, then maybe I would take Ryan, Manning and possibly Schaub over Cutler. But that's it.

Plenty of GMs would omit Roethlisberger from their lists. I'm totally not sold on Sanchez. Bradford & Freeman have a lot of skill, but haven't proven themselves like Cutler yet.

So what say you? Does Cutler make the cut on your top-10 list of NFL QBs under 30?

Chicago Bears Playoff Odds

Aim. Fire.

With Jay Cutler finally coming on in his second year with the team, a new O-coordinator in the all-big-offense Mike Martz, some talent at the wide receiver position, an ever-strong defense and a head coach in Lovie Smith with a lot to prove, the Chicago Bears have amassed a 8-3 record and sit atop the NFC North.

With only 5 games left on the schedule, the Bears are not only looking strong for the playoffs, but they have a legitimate opportunity to grab one of the top two seeds and earn a bye through the first round. Yes, our Chicago Bears.

What are the odds that the Bears finish their season strong and head to the playoffs on a high note? It is the Bears, so some fans (most?) are still waiting for the proverbial pin to burst the bubble. But with a confident, collected quarterback in Cutler, mixed with a hit-or-miss conference where teams like the Falcons and the Rams -- yes, the Rams -- are division leaders, Da Bears' chances are looking mighty healthy.

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Jay Cutler Dominates the Philadelphia Eagles

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler shook off 4 first-half sacks, kept his composure and dominated the Eagles. Cutler was close to perfect with his 146.2 passer rating on the day, his highest on the season. He completed 14 of 21 passes for 247 yards with 4 TD passes and no picks. He also used his wheels again for some timely scrambles. He found Earl Bennett for 2 touchdowns, and threw one TD pass to both Johnny Knox and Greg Olsen.

Cutler also pushed his passer rating over 90 for the season, and more importantly, pushed the Bears to 8-3 and sole possession of first-place in the NFC North.

Hard to tell when Cutler will receive the proper respect and credit he deserves. On Fox's postgame show, Terry Bradshaw started the Bears/Eagles highlight package by saying, "Michael Vick had an incredible year...but 3rd quarter however, 4 touchdown passes on the day for Jay Cutler." Wow. Cutler throws 4 TDs and they can't even lead with his name?

Since the bye-week -- also the week the Bears finally settled on a starting five for their offensive line -- Cutler has thrown for 9 touchdowns with just 3 interceptions. It's time to give him his propers. And with the best special teams and defense in the NFC, you could say it's time for the Bears as a whole to get some national respect.

Here's a look at Jay and Co. in action on Sunday against the Eagles.

Gallery sneak peek (10 images):

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The Only Jay Cutler Stat You Need

cutler throwbacl.jpg
Figuring out Jay Cutler is simple. Here's all that Chicago Bears fans need to know about Jay Cutler:

When Cutler is sacked 4 times or less in a game his passer rating averages 94.5

When Cutler is sacked more than 4 times in a game his passer rating averages 68.2.

In the 3 games that Cutler has had a passer rating of less than 70, Cutler has been sacked 19 times. He has thrown 5 picks in those games, with just 1 TD pass.

His passer rating for the year is 86.2. Give him time and he produces. Give him a bit of a running game and he produces.

That 86.2 rating is only good for 18th in the league, but Cutler has still been sacked 6 more times than any other QB.

Pic Credit: Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

The NFL MVP Flowchart, Featuring Peyton Manning!

It's good to be Peyton Manning.

Hopefully Jay Cutler will win one of those soon - as a Chicago Bear. After a Super Bowl win. h/t: Super Funny Pic

Breakdown: Jay Cutler vs. the Bills

cutler smiles bills.jpg

Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

A series by series breakdown of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler's play against the Buffalo Bills.

1st Series: Bears run it 3 straight times, even on 3rd and 4. Cutler seems miffed walking off the field after the Bears fail to convert another 3rd down.

2nd Series: Bears get in a 3rd and 7 and Cutler is rushed and throws incomplete. Different play calls are great but when blocking isn't there it doesn't matter what you call.

3rd Series: Bears first 1st down of the game comes on a Cutler 18-yard scramble.
- Cutler got a play action, roll out --what many fans have been screaming for-- and totally misses an open Aromashodu.
- What would a good drive be without a Bears false start penalty? Frank Omiyale gets flagged and 3rd & 7 becomes 3rd & 12.
- On 3rd and goal Cutler hits Olsen for a 4-yard TD. Finishes off a 14-play, 81-yard drive that was over 8 minutes. It's the Bears' 1st 10-play drive for a TD in 2010.

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Your Jay Cutler Update


Links and news on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler...

And here is the ESPN prediction for the Bears/Bills game -

Jay Cutler Is...The Most Interesting Man In the World

It seems that Bear Goggles On -- one of the best Chicago Bears sites on the interwebs -- found the perfect Halloween costume for Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler Is...The Most Interesting Man In the World

h/t: Jay Cutler, the Most Intercepted Man in the World

Breakdown: Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler vs. the Redskins


Breaking down the play of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler against the Washington Redskins. Cutler enters the game with 6 TDs, 3 INTs, 1202 YDS and a 60.3 completion percentage.

1st Quarter, Series 1
- 1st play never even gets underway. False start on Edwin Williams.
- 2nd & 15, Cutler out of the shotgun hits Hester for 5 yards.
- 3rd & 10, Cutler passes incomplete. That's 23 straight failed 3rd down conversions.
Aikman: "The protection is good...just a miscommunication between (Bennett) and Jay Cutler."

Series 2
- Cutler lines up wide and Bears run the Wildcat with Hester. Play goes nowhere. Aikman: "Mike Martz, he's looking at that playsheet just not knowing what he should call."
- 3rd & 9. Cutler gets sacked -- number 28 allowed by the Bears. 24 straight failed 3rd down conversions.

Series 3
- Bears start the series with -4 yards. Cutler throws high and incomplete to Knox.
- Cutler feels pressure, escapes then still gets sacked.
- 3rd & 15. Screen to Taylor for 4 yards. Bears offense looks like it skipped practice this week.

2nd Quarter, Series 4
- Bears start at their own 10. Total yards for the game: -5.
- Cutler hits Knox for a 23-yard gain.
- Momentum killer: False start on Chris Williams.
- Cutler has to throw it away after a safety blitz.
- Hester falls down during his route and pass is incomplete. Another long 3rd down.
- 3rd & 15. Cutler gets sacked for the 3rd time. Aikman: "Chris Williams now on two occasions has turned guys loose."

Series 5
- Crowd mock cheers because the Bears actually ran the ball.
- 3rd & 1, Bears run it with Chester Taylor. Loss on the play. 27 straight failed 3rd down conversions.
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Jay Cutler Will Not Play Against Carolina

After 1 of the 9 sacks

Bad news, courtesy of the Chicago Bears website. They announced that Todd Collins will start Sunday's road game against the Carolina Panthers and Jay Cutler will sit.

Cutler was practicing on Wednesday, then met with Bears doctors and an independent consultant. 

Both parties thought Cutler should continue to work out on a limited basis through the end of the week and sit out Sunday's game before being re-evaluated again early next week.

Jay Cutler's Nightmare Giants Game in Pics

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler was battered and bruised Sunday night against the Giants. He ended up leaving the game with a concussion and didn't return. Here is a look at Jay Cutler's nightmare game against the Giants in pictures, all courtesy of Brian Cassella of the Chicago Tribune.

Gallery sneak peek (19 images):

View the gallery...

Breaking Down Jay Cutler's Game Against the New York Giants


1st Quarter, 1st Series
1st play doesn't even get snapped. False start on Omiyale.
Cutler's first pass of the night is complete to Hester in the flat. Not much yardage though.
3rd and 10 and Cutler is sacked. Neither Lance Louis or Kevin Shaffer block adequately. About as horrible as a first series can go without turning over the ball.

2nd Series

Cutler completes to Bennett for 7 on first down.
Swing pass to Forte for a first down.
Cutler sacked again. Kevin Shaffer lost his block. Garza lost his too.
Cutler hits Bennett on 2nd & 19. Collinsworth says: "This sort of strange marriage between Mike Martz and Jay Cutler will probably have a few interesting twists along the way."
Cutler had Hester down the sideline but under threw the ball a bit. First incompletion of the game. Cutler is 4-5 and already sacked twice halfway through the first quarter.

3rd Series
Cutler completes to Hester for a gain of 5. Hester gets knocked down by Edwin Williams -- his own teammate.
Cutler gets picked on 3rd down after throwing it into double coverage. This game is starting to have that "Uh-oh" feel to it.

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Breaking Down Jay Cutler's Game Against Green Bay

Jay Cutler scrambles GB.jpg

Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

The night starts with an apoplectic Mike Martz yelling on the sideline before the Chicago Bears even run a play. Fortunately it got better for the Bears.

1st Series

Cutler hits Knox over the middle for 23 yards on his first pass attempt.

2nd pass attempt and Cutler is sacked.

Cutler hits Bennett on 3rd and 9 for a 1st down.

Cutler goes long for Hester in the end zone but caught out of bounds.

Cutler hits Hester on 3rd down but not enough for 1st down. Woodson nails him on the release from a corner blitz.

2nd Series

Cutler escapes the pressure and throws it away...but holding against Roberto Garza. 1st and 20.

Cutler evades pressure and scrambles for 10. He also gets 15 more with the face mask call on Matthews.

Nifty pass behind Woodson to Olsen for another first down. Gruden tells us it's a "Back shoulder fade" pattern. It's also another Olsen fumble that luckily trickles out of bounds.

Cutler lines up wide on the Wildcat formation and tries to go for another Derrick Martin's knees with a block attempt.

Cutler overthrows Olsen in the end zone and is picked off by...Derrick Martin. Karma time. 2 drives of moving the ball but no points on the board. Jaws says: "Mike Martz is doing a good job of zeroing in Jay Cutler, but that was not a good throw. This is a throw he should not have made."

3rd Series

Cutler shows no fear by hitting Hester over the middle for 16 yards. Gruden says: "This guy Cutler has no conscience. He throws an interception and makes a throw like that? This is gonna be a heck of a football game."

Cutler gets a gift - it looks as if Collins picked him off but it's ruled incomplete as he dropped it.

Tons of pressure as Cutler drops back and he's sacked again.

Cutler scrambles again on 3rd and 15 and gets the first down.

1st and 10 and pressure is on yet again. Cutler has to throw it away.

Packers break down Bears O-line and Cutler is sacked again. Kreutz has some words for Frank Omiyale. 3rd sack in 21 plays.

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NFL Network: Don't Be Surprised by Jay Cutler's Success

jay throws dallas.jpg

NFL Network analyst and former QB Trent Green says that no one should be surprised with the success that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is having with this season.

Check out the video: Surprised by Cutler's Success? Don't Be.

What seems clearer as time moves forward is that Cutler was not a fan of Ron Turner's offense. 

Can Cutler and the Bears get past the Green Bay Packers on Monday night? NFL.com also has a video preview of the week 3 Bears vs. Packers matchup.

Jay Cutler, Top-Rated NFL Quarterback

jay throws dallas.jpg

After 2 weeks, Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is the top-rated passer in the NFL. Cutler holds a passer rating of 121.2, just .2 above the Colts' Peyton Manning.

Sure, it's only two games. But if he was at the bottom of the list I bet we'd be hearing about that non-stop.

Cutler is also 3rd in yards, tied for 2nd in TDs, and he has the longest pass play of the season: the 89-yard Forte TD.

Believe it or not, Cutler is not leading the league in sacks. Michael Vick has already been sacked 9 times.

Photo Credit: Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

Breaking Down Jay Cutler's Game Against Dallas

cutler hester week 2.jpg

Jay Cutler and Devin Hester led the Bears to victory against the Cowboys. Photo: Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

Breaking down Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler's week 2 performance against the Dallas Cowboys.

  • 1st drop back to pass: Anthony Spencer rushes in unblocked and sacks Cutler 
  • Chris Williams grabs DeMarcus Ware's facemask, but that can't even stop him   
  • 3rd & 12. Cutler hits Bennett for first completion of game. Ware beats Manumaleuna and levels Cutler. 2 pass plays = 2 times Cutler ends up horizontal on the turf. 3 and out.  
  • Cutler's 3rd pass attempt and he's hit again -- even on a false start by Kevin Shaffer. 
  • 3rd & 10, Cutler's 4th pass play. He's nailed yet again and it's another penalty on Shaffer -- his second in 2 plays.
  • 3rd & 10 again. Cutler is pressured and hit again by Spencer. 5 drop backs and 5 hits. "Jay Cutler's gonna need help getting to the bus."- Joe Buck   
  • 6th drop back and Ware blows past Manumaleuna. Cutler's forced to throw it away.
  • 3rd and 8, Ware rushes right past Omiyale. Cutler manages to escape but he has to throw it away again.
  • Cutler finally has a pass attempt where he doesn't get hit. He finds Chester Taylor for a 1-yd. completion.
  • Cutler quickly hits Hester for a Bears 1st down.
  • Cutler again gets rid of it quickly off a 3-step drop and hits Olsen for his 3rd straight completion -- and a 39-yd TD.
  • Cutler finds Olsen for a big gain but Bears called for illegal formation.
  • Quick pass to Forte but it's a loss of 2 yards.
  • Cutler checks down and hits Knox over the middle for a gain of 2.
  • 3rd & 15. Cutler evades the pressure by stepping up in the pocket and hits Knox for a huge 59-yd. gain.
  • Cutler hits Taylor for 9 yards, his 7th straight completion.
  • 1st & Goal. Cutler finds Hester off the play action fake. Amazing grab by Hester for a touchdown. Dallas challenges but call is upheld. 8th straight completion by Cutler.
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Jay Cutler Jets to NY to See Kristin Cavallari

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler got on a plane on his off day to go visit his ladyfriend Kristin Cavallari in New York.


Good for him. And I'm glad to see he's walking fine after all those sacks and pressures against the Lions.

h/t: TMZ, INFDaily

Jay Cutler: Top 5 Fantasy QB?

Fanball predicts the fantasy football future for Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler. They throw out some serious numbers.

If Cutler is a top-5 fantasy QB that means the Bears are going to the postseason. But with Brees, Manning, Rodgers, Rivers and Brady, it's hard to see Cutler as a top-5, at least at this point.

Jay Cutler Will Sit Against the Browns

He was only supposed to play a series or two, but now Bears QB Jay Cutler will not take the field at all during the Bears final preseason game against the Cleveland Browns.

I think that says volumes about how the coaching staff feels about this offensive line -- they are too scared to even throw him out there for a handful of plays. You have to wonder if Todd Collins survives the game because he is not as mobile as Cutler.

Cutler finished the preseason completing 19 of 37 attempts for 275 yards with 1 touchdown an two interceptions. He was sacked 10 times (!) and had a quarterback rating of 62.4. He cussed his linemen out under his breath 358 times.

Jay Cutler Dating Kristin Cavallari?

Word on the street -- I read it first at Sharapova's Thigh -- is that Jay Cutler is dating Kristin Cavallari. Apparently Cavallari was nominated for Best Female Reality Star for her role in "The Hills."

kristin cavallari.jpg

I thought that show was scripted. Speaking of scripted, does Mike Martz script his first 10 or so plays? Probably not a good idea if he does with the unpredicatability of this group.

So anyway, Jay's got a girlfriend. This will be good for him as it looks like he may need someone to nurse him back to health on several different occasions this season. Check out a photo gallery of Kristin Cavallari at Trib Sports.

Bears Looking For Veteran Backup to Jay Cutler

cutler martz camp.jpg

For some reason, the Chicago Bears recently offered quarterback Todd Collins. Thankfully it was rejected according to his agent, Brad Blank. NFL.com reported that Blank had asked the Bears for a small signing bonus, but the Bears said no, offering just the veteran minimum contract.

"We declined their offer based on the fact there were no guarantees involved," Blank said.

The Bears have been riding without a veteran backup to Cutler for over a year now, and it seems more than foolish. Todd Collins couldn't throw harder than me when he came out of college. Jeff Garcia is available. If Jay Cutler can learn the Martz offense in one offseason, I guarantee that a Garcia could too, especially considering that he wouldn't be needed right away.

NFL.com also reported that Collins is the third quarterback to reject the Bears, along with broadcaster Trent Green and Damon Huard. If they are just looking for a training camp practice QB, why go after 40-year olds and retired players? If they are looking for a true option to back up Cutler, why go after 40-year olds and retired players? (See what I did there?)

Morbid Curiosity: When Do You Bench Jay Cutler?

cutler martz.jpg

Everything is going just swimmingly over in Bourbonnais. Every player is in the best shape of their lives. The offense looks great. The defense looks dominating. The ball boys are better than ever. But let's take a break from the lovefest and dig deep into our bag of morbid curiosity.

Here is the scenario, one I hope doesn't rear its utter ugliness:

Let's assume that Cutler starts the season with 2 TDs and 8 picks in the first 3 games. The Bears start 0-3. At what point -- if any -- do you think Lovie Smith and/or Mike Martz bench Jay Cutler? You might think the answer is never.

And after reading this, I bet you're wondering why the Bears haven't signed a legitimate backup QB.

So what do you think, Bears fans?  

Catching Up on Jay Cutler

With training camp underway, it's time to get back to work, just like our beloved Chicago Bears. We promise more fun and hijinks, cool videos and solid analysis. Let's get caught up with some of the latest Jay Cutler news.

Vaughn McClure reports that Isaac Bruce is in camp to help the Bears receivers. This is great news for Cutler and the Bears. One of the major concerns with the implementation of the Mike Martz offense was whether the Bears young receiving corps would be able to grasp all the concepts, as well the sheer number of plays. Having Isaac Bruce in camp should be a tremendous help.

We are going to go here one final time -- Jay Cutler's 2009 interceptions. And it's only because our brethren over at Fire Lovie Smith crafted a complete breakdown of all of Cutler's 26 picks, with pics and a fancy chart to boot.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is confident that Bears tight ends "are going to produce a lot more than people expect." I'd rather hear that from Cutler.

In an article called "Why Jay Cutler Will Ruin the Bears", Peter Dawson made me laugh, mostly due to this description of Matt Forte and the Bears offense:

Cutler has been blessed with two very talented offensive teams.  The first of which was Denver.  In 2008 Cutler played with two Pro Bowl receivers, Brandon Marshall and Javon Walker; a former Pro Bowler, Brandon Stokley; and a future Pro Bowler, Eddie Royal. As a result, Cutler ended up making his first and only Pro Bowl. 

In Chicago, he was blessed with an extraordinary runner in Matt Forte, who rushed for more than 1,300 yards in the 2008 season. With Forte leading the offense, the load that Cutler had to shoulder in Denver should have been lifted.  Cutler also was reunited with college teammate Earl Bennet. In addition, he was blessed with a big deep threat in Devin Hester, who is nearly impossible to overthrow.

If you don't like the guy just say so. Because with poor reasoning that's all it looks like anyway. Dawson obviously didn't watch the Bears much last year and doesn't know the personnel well.

Keep checking back to JCS. We'll have tons of fun this year. 2010 Jay Cutler Superstar -- Now with 33% less interceptions!

Cutler Haters Have New Target: Tim Tebow

Man, they love destroying stuff over in Denver. They burned the Cutler name off of one jersey. Then they burned the whole jersey. Then they broke out the toilets to flush some jerseys. Most of it was all directed at Bears QB and Denver defector Jay Cutler. Well after round one of the NFL Draft, it looks as if Broncos fans have a new target for their lighters: Tim Tebow. Video has some language, so viewer beware.

And now with Brandon Marshall on the Dolphins, good luck to Kyle Orton on having a good season in 2010!

h/t: Unathletic Mag

Could This Man Be the Next Bears QB?


PFT has a report on a Howard Balzer tweet that says that Marc Bulger has cleaned out his locker at Rams Park. Bulger is a former Martz protege that would be a nice addition for the Bears as a tutor, and as an upgrade to Caleb Hanie at backup QB.

How about a reunion with former Rams coach Mike Martz in Chicago?  As Martz learned in 1999, the guy at the top of the depth chart in August might not be the guy who's holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.  So if Jay Cutler takes a helmet to the knee in the preseason, the Bears will need someone other than whoever it is that backs up Cutler.

It's not a move that vaults the Bears to a title, but it's another guy that knows Martz's complex offense and an upgrade to the depth of the Bears roster. If the price is right, it just makes sense. I would think Cutler would respect Bulger and listen to any words of wisdom he might pass down to him.

Jay Cutler: The Final Numbers


Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

Those last 2 games were killer, and it gives us something positive to think about heading into the offseason. Here are Jay Cutler's final stats for his first season as a Bear.

Comp: 366
Att: 555
Comp %: 60.5
Yds: 3,666
TD: 27
INT: 26
Passer Rating: 76.8
Passer Rating- Home: 88.6
Passer Rating- Away: 65.2
Games with passer rating over 100: 5
Games with passer rating under 50: 3
Completions 20+ yds: 56
Completions 40+ yds: 6
Sacked: 35
Rushing: 40-173, 1 TD
Fumbles: 9
Fumbles lost: 1

Jay Cutler: 30 Picks Wouldn't Faze Me


Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

During a post-game interview on WBBM-780, Zach Zaidman asked Jay Cutler if he ever doubted he could do something like he did against the Vikings on Monday night because of all the tough times this season. Cutler did not hesitate in his reply. "I'm never going to doubt my ability. I can throw 30 picks and it wouldn't faze me. Is it tough? Absolutely."

I believe him when he says it too. Incredible performance.

Jay Cutler Doesn't Care What You Think

jay head.jpg

Jay Cutler addressed the media today and had this to say about all the criticism that comes his way.

"I don't worry about anybody's observations except for the people in this building," Cutler said. "Whatever you guys write and whatever you guys do, that's your deal. I can't get wrapped up in what's going on outside of this building."

"It's a growing process,'' he said, "and I think once I get away and I take a look and go back and look at all the games and see what we've accomplished and what we need to get better at, there's definitely going to be a process.

"Like you said, at this point, it's tough to imagine pulling positives out of the situation we're in right now."

It's not tough for me to imagine the positives. Even Pro Bowl QBs can't make a team contenders without an O-Line. And Cutler has to chill on throwing the picks. Is there anyone currently on staff that can coach him up? He needs it. It would also be nice to see him run plays he had success with in Denver. And he needs better receivers. There are so many things fans learned this season. Here's hoping the Bears' brass saw the same things and does something about it.

Cutler's Ref-Hounding Is Just Fine

brady mad.jpg

Dan Pompei's column today has left me a bit perplexed. Here's why. He writes:

In addition to interceptions, Jay Cutler may lead the league in complaints to officials, as well as funny faces made.

Neither, however, is an official NFL statistic the Elias Sports Bureau recognizes.

Of course, these are responses to frustration about Cutler's erratic play and less-than-supportive supporting cast, which are the real issues. But for Cutler to be the kind of quarterback Tom Brady is, he will need to show less emotion and more focus on the field.

Bad example. Tom Brady may not show as much emotion as Cutler. But he certainly is on officials as much as any QB in the league. Just recently veteran linebacker Joey Porter said of Brady: "When a guy can tell a ref when to throw a flag and he gets it and stuff like that, he got his own rules. They made the whole [rule that you] don't go at the legs because of Tom. So when he feels that someone is coming at his legs, he just points at the ref and he gets a flag. So you've got to honestly say that he got his own rules." Brady hounds refs for calls and he makes his share of faces too.

I reckon this column was written because Cutler was demonstrative on some really bad non-calls that were clearly pass-interference. But Cutler should be lobbying the refs for calls. It shows his receivers and the team that he cares, that he is trying to be a leader. And all QBs do it. If he just walked off the field with his head down, people would be complaining even more. He has fire and he wants to win. I love it.

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Cutler, Turner Should Dominate the Lowly Rams

cutler turner2.jpg
With the exception of the Bears last game against the Lions, today's tilt against the Rams here at Soldier Field provides the best chance for Jay Cutler to put up some excellent numbers. In between the Rams and Lions game, the Bears face Green Bay, Baltimore and the Vikings.

The Rams are just all around brutal. On defense, they rank 30th in points allowed, giving up an average of 27 per game. They rank 28th in yards allowed, 22nd in passing yards allowed and 28th in rushing yards allowed. Add to the fact that they are 1-10 and on the road and the Bears offense should post some huge stats today. Anything less than 24 points will be a disappointment.

Today is also the day that we should see something new from Ron Turner's offense. One of the main criticisms of Turner and Lovie Smith is their failure or obstinacy in making changes to their schemes and play-calling. Turner runs a boring offense that looks like it hasn't changed since the 90's, and Smith's Tampa-2 looks tired, regardless of the personnel on the field.

What say we mix it up today? Something's got to give--right?

I've hears Hub Arkush on numerous occasions state he is a fan of Ron Turner. I love Hub and his football analysis, but I can't understand why he would think Turner is a good offensive coordinator. Even when Turner had excellent offensive lines the Bears offense did not excel. While the Bears' O-line is awful, other teams like the Packers and the Steelers get their points even though they have brutal offensive line play. They may have better talent, but it's also apparent they have better coordinators too.

So enjoy today. 3 big games, and likely losses are coming our way.

Jay Cutler Holiday Gift Guide!


Gift ideas for the Cutler fan, and gift ideas for Jay too!

Gallery sneak peek (17 images):

View the gallery...

Hey Jay, Does This Look Familiar?


Is it me or do we see a lot of this every game? Bears linemen, receivers and even running backs on the turf too much.

Cutler's Interception Totals Similar to Star QBs

cutler jersey.jpg
Jay Cutler has thrown 17 interceptions. Add in all the bad route running, receiver slips and fluke plays and it's still too many picks. One thing to remember is that Cutler is only in his 4th season. That's not an excuse for his bad red zone decisions, but it does mean that perhaps his best football is ahead of him, and his decision-making will improve. Here's a look at some stud QBs and their interception totals early in their career.

  • Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions in his rookie year. Manning dominated in his 2nd and 3rd years, then threw 23 more in his 4th year

  • Brett Favre threw only 13 picks in his first season as a Packer. Cutler threw 14 in his first full season as a Bronco. In his 2nd season, Favre regressed to 19 TDs and 24 picks. Favre dominated in 1995-97, then threw 46 picks in 1998 & 99. In 2005 Favre threw 29 picks.

  • In his first 6 full seasons as the starting QB for the Dolphins, Dan Marino threw 20 or more picks 4 times.

  • In 2007, Eli Manning led the league in interceptions with 20. He also won the Super Bowl that year.
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Thursday Night Brutal: Cutler, Coaches, Announcers

jay head.jpg

José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune

Quotes, thoughts and some numbers from last night's disaster. Just throwing it out there...much like #6. Too soon?

Can we soon expect to hear the first Lovie Smith utterance of "Jay is our Quarterback"?

Mike Singletary really likes clapping. I haven't seen a coach clap that much since Jim Essian.

Why the countless Bob Babich sideline shots?

Alex Brown: "Everybody has a bad day at work, that's just it. We have to be there to have his back and we do." Sounds like the quotes the Bears players used to give about Rex Grossman.

As it turns out, the most joyous part of the evening was when we received only the ambient audio from the field. Bob Papa and Matt Millen had dead mikes, and I could have watched the entire game that way.

Millen didn't stop for a breath much of the night. Think he's happy to be out from under the weight of the Lions gig? Some gems:

Bob Papa: "Jimmy Raye (Niners Coordinator) in his 33rd year in the National Football League."
Matt Millen: "And, Jimmy Raye has been around the league for a long time."

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I Don't Think Troy Aikman Is a Jay Cutler Fan

There were a few comments made by Troy Aikman during Sunday's game which gave me the impression that he is not a big fan of Jay Cutler.

Speaking about the O-line and sacks Aikman said, "There have been times when Cutler has held (the ball) longer than he should." I don't think that is accurate at all, and I can't recall any such sack this season. Cutler has mostly been forced to get rid of the ball just seconds into each drop. Plus he's able to get out of the pocket and scramble. To blame any sack on Cutler with what he's working with (read: line and receivers) seems harsh coming from another QB like Aikman.

There was also a play where Roberto Garza got owned by the defensive tackle. Aikman said Garza was not expecting Cutler to flush to the right and that "He was actually in pretty good position to make the block. Cutler more or less ran into that one because of the pressure he had off the edge."

I'm pretty sure that when the tackle bull rushes you into the QB's pocket in the backfield that you are not in good position to make a block. Especially when you are no longer between the QB and the DT. I don't have rings like Aikman, but I found that to be a bit ridiculous.
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Will Jay Cutler Survive the Season?

The Hall of Fame left tackle and perennial Pro Bowl center have clearly seen better days. The top draft pick right tackle isn't really a right tackle. The starting guards have already been changed. Jay Cutler is always under pressure. He gets rid of the ball quick enough that he has only been sacked 15 times (11th most in NFL) but he still is getting hit too much. Will he last the year? Let's look at the pass rushers that are coming to get him.

  • Arizona- They run a 3-4 and don't have a stud pass rusher. Good chance for the Bears O-line to get better.
  • San Francisco- 49ers don't have a stud pass rusher either, but Singletary will have something for the Bears. The blitzes will be fast and furious in this one.
  • Philadelphia- Beware. Trent Cole is a legit pass rusher and the Eagles are tied for 2nd in the league in sacks. 
  • Minnesota- Jared Allen. Wear extra padding, Jay.
  • St. Louis- A bad football team, but they still have Leonard Little and he can still get to the QB.
  • Green Bay- Sacked Cutler twice in the opener and will get pressure on him in this game.
  • Baltimore- Not as feared as they once were on defense, but Suggs, Pryce and Jarret Johnson can rush the passer. 
  • Minnesota- Jared Allen. Wear even more padding, Jay.
  • Detroit- Not too fearsome, but did sack Cutler twice in the first meeting.
So what do you think? Will Jay play in all 16? Vote now.

Jay Cutler: Kelly Clarkson Fan?


Tremendous Upside Potential informs us this morning that Jay Cutler was at the Kelly Clarkson concert with backup Caleb Hanie. And they are nonplussed -- nonplussed I tell you! -- about it.

It has become abundantly clear this season that Jay Cutler is no Sid Luckman. He's a wuss, a momma's boy, a namby-pamby. His taste in contemporary pop music only reinforces this.

The hits keep on coming. 101.9 FM? I knew Jay Cutler's manhood was as questionable as his red zone decision making, but still never would have him pegged for an Eric and Kathy fan. And if you're going to attend something like this, don't you have to bring, you know, a girl instead of your backup?

Check out the rest of the Cutler/Clarkson post. I think/hope it's tongue-in-cheek. You make the call.

Jay Cutler NFL Rankings

cutler steelers.jpg

A look at where Jay Cutler ranks statistically among NFL quarterbacks.

  • Passing Yards: 16th (1201)
  • Passer Rating: 16th (86.9)
  • Completion percentage: 15th (64.9)
  • TD passes: 10th (10)
  • Interceptions: 4th (7)
  • Completions of 20+ Yards: 9th (19)
  • Completions of 40+ Yards: 16th (2)
  • Passes for 1st Downs: 17th (58)
  • Sacked: 14th (10)
Two things stand out: passing is indeed king in the NFL. And there are a lot of great QBs in the league when a passer rating of 86.9 is ranked 15th among NFL QBs. Cutler is on pace to throw 32 TD passes and he has 9 QBs ahead of him. My guess is that Cutler jumps up a few notches in some of these categories after a shootout win in Cincy.

Jay Cutler Gets Contract Extension


Jay Cutler will be a Bear through 2013. From Dan Pompei and the Trib:

The team signed Cutler to a two-year contract extension late Tuesday that will give the Bears rights to Cutler for four years after this season. The rookie contract he signed with the Broncos went through 2011.

The deal calls for Cutler to be paid $20 million in guaranteed money and $30 million in new money for 2012 and 2013, according to ESPN's John Clayton.

Cutler has maintained that money was not a factor in his desire to be traded from the Broncos. The Bears acquired him and a fifth-round pick in trade last April for Kyle Orton, two first-round picks and a third.

By the way, it was interesting that Al Michaels pointed out on Sunday night that the 5th round pick the Bears received from Denver in the Cutler deal was used to select Johnny Knox. So when everybody rolls out the inevitable comparisons (guilty, as charged) make sure you add that.

ESPN Quick to Blame Loss on Cutler

Numbers don't lie. But do statistical comparison boxes? This is from ESPN.com. The story itself was crafted by the AP, but I'm guessing the stat box was produced by ESPN. Either way, they chose to run it. So is this why the Bears lost? You make the call.

ryan cutler redzone.png

Looks like they were so quick to get that in the article that they goofed on the grammar.

So is that why the Bears lost? Well Matt Forte had a fumble down there too. Cutler also led the Bears to 56% conversions on third downs, saving the Bears many punts and turnovers on downs. Overall statistically, Cutler had a better game than Ryan. But Ryan's big back didn't fumble near the end zone and scored a big TD. It's a good looking stat for a comparison, but not the whole truth.

Jay Cutler By the Numbers: Week 5

Thumbnail image for cutler jersey.jpg

Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

6: Number of consecutive completions by Cutler to start the game

2: Number of passes after that streak that Cutler was picked in the red zone

3: Number of times Cutler has been picked in the red zone this season

7: Number of times Cutler has been picked in the red zone over the last 2 seasons (most in the NFL)

Continue reading...

Jay Cutler Shares His Diabetes Story

While Jay Cutler's success is of utmost importance to Bears fans, it's also going to benefit children with diabetes. With each touchdown pass Cutler throws, Eli Lilly and Company will donate $1,000 to the American Diabetes Association's (ADA) "campership" fund -- roughly the cost of sending one child to a attend a week of diabetes camp. For each pass that Cutler completes during the 2009 season, they will donate an additional $100 to the "campership" fund.

Hopefully they are donating $40k in TD passes alone! If you'd like to find out more about this campaign and see more videos, just visit www.touchdownsfordiabetes.com.

Jay Cutler Said What?

"[Brett Favre] definitely is No. 1," Cutler said. "If anything, he's earned the right to be No. 1 with as many years as he's played and as well as he's played." Cutler ranks himself and Rodgers behind Favre among division quarterbacks.

h/t: ESPN Chicago

Jay Cutler NFL on Fox Interview

"We're not going to be the ones to lose the game." -- Jay Cutler on the Bears offense

Jay Cutler recently talked with Pam Oliver on the 'NFL on Fox'. Here is the interview:

Only One Reason Cutler Won't Shred Lions D

Cutler fist pump2.jpg

Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

The Lions may have 30+ new players on their roster in 2009, but their defense remains woeful through the first three games of the season.

They have allowed the most points (86) in the NFC North and the 3rd most in the NFC. There's only one reason Cutler shouldn't put up massive numbers on Sunday: Matt Forte. If Forte (and the O-line) can get untracked, then Cutler may not have to resort to 4th quarter heroics for the the third week in a row.

But if the Bears run game stalls again, Cutler will surely post 300+ passing yards. And as fun as it is to watch him work his craft, it's undoubtedly better to see Forte get it going this week. Either way, the Lions haven't won a road game since who knows when. So if the Bears somehow lose to Detroit at Soldier Field, it will be an extremely disappointing bye week for the entire city.

Here's the NFL Films preview of the Bears/Lions game:
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Jay Cutler: Winning Takes Care of Everything

Winning is the cure-all. Here's what Cutler told ESPN 1000:

"[The media reported] I talk too much on the field; I yell at people; I don't talk enough; I sit there and look bored," Cutler said. "With all the media outlets and they're opinionated these days ... and they have to say something different. They have to sell papers and sell their show. You get a lot of different stuff these days.

"It doesn't surprise me. Chicago is a huge, huge market with great fans. But winning takes care of everything. As long as you're winning ballgames, I think you're going to be OK."

When asked if he'd rather have surgery without anesthesia or do a 20-minute press conference, Cutler joked: "What kind of surgery are we talking about?"

Michael Jordan berated players in practice. He punched more than one of his teammates. But he won. If Carlos Zambrano won more, his antics would be endearing. But when your performance is not up to par, the magnifying glass shifts to all the faults, perceived or real. The same will be true of Cutler. Right now, we see TD passes and wins. I hope it stays that way.

Jay Cutler By the Numbers: Week 3

cutler smiles.jpg

Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

0: amount of points Cutler and the Bears have scored in the 1st quarter this year

28:04: amount of time Cutler needed to lead Bears to their first score

15: Number of yards Cutler was penalized for an illegal block during the Bears' 2nd series

3: Number of Cutler fumbles. One via snap, two stripped by Seattle.

17: Unanswered points Cutler and Co. put up in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

5, 1: Number of touchdowns and interceptions Cutler has thrown since the Green Bay debacle

5-5: Cutler in the 4th quarter. 5 completions in 5 attempts, and a 2-pt conversion too.

36: Number of yards gained on the go-ahead TD pass to Devin Hester

1: Number of 4th quarter incompletions Cutler has in the last 2 games

5: Number of different receivers that Cutler hit for completions

2: Number of consecutive 4th quarter comebacks orchestrated by Jay Cutler

126.4: Cutler's QB rating for the game

So this is what a Pro Bowl, franchise QB looks like? Cutler finishes 21-27, with 247 yards and 3 TDs. The start was a bit slow again, but Cutler led the Bears to victory. Again. We can definitely get used to this.

Fans Still Burning Cutler Jerseys

burn cutler jersey.jpg
You'd think the most stupid thing in this video is when the guy says, "Brand new jersey, just bought it and I'm burning it." That's close. But they can't even burn the jersey. Then they took this utter fail and still proceeded to put it on You Tube. Wow. Saddest thing? I think these guys are Bears fans.

Jay Cutler Bears/Steelers Gameday

cutler fist pump.jpg

Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

Cutler's game, series by series...

1st series: Turner calls plays like Orton is still the QB and calls plays like he's still thinking about last week. Bears go 3 & out.

2nd series: Another 3 & out. The lack of quality receivers has shrunk the field considerably. Cutler is 3-4 for all of 8 yards.

3rd series: Bears finally get their first 1st down and 1st reception by a wide receiver. Cutler goes 5-7 on the drive but misses an open Knox on 3rd & 9. Cutler is 8/11 but for only 50 yards.

4th series: Bears start from their own 3 yard line. Cutler hits Knox for 22. 19 passes against only 5 run play= not your daddy's Bears. Bears drive 97 yards and cap it with a TD pass from Cutler to Kellen Davis. They got the benefit of 2 Steelers penalties, but a huge drive like that against one of the game's best defenses is inspiring. TD pass came on 3rd down in the red zone--impressive.

Halftime: Cutler is 14/20 for 112 yards with the TD and no picks. That he's put up those numbers with only 19 rushing yards from the Bears makes it even more impressive. 20 passes against only 6 runs. Wow.
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Jay Cutler at the Michigan Avenue Magazine Bash

Jay Cutler at the Michigan Avenue magazine one-year anniversary bash. This event was just one day after the Bears loss to Green Bay and Cutler's 4-pick performance. He doesn't look worried about it at all.

I think the ladies will like this video. Did I just write that?

Cutler Talks About Packers Game

First and Jay Cutler

jay celebrates.jpg
The 36 commentators on the NBC set all agree it is going to be interesting to watch Jay Cutler. And that's what we do here at Jay Cutler Superstar. Tonight we'll take a look at Cutler "Firsts" as well as other interesting numbers as we begin this brand new era of Bears football. We'll update the thread as the game goes on.

23: The number of starting QBs the Bears have had since Jim McMahon. Cutler is the 23rd. Michael Jordan was 23. Is this fate or what?

The ominous start: A Grossman-like bobble of his first snap ever as a Bear.

First bark: a rally cry to the troops after the failed first play.

First drive: a sore thumb-y 3 and out with 2 incompletions.

First completion: Excellent grab by Devin Hester. No Jay scowls yet.

First ferocity: Cutler almost throws his first pick and we see the first dose of Jay's ferocity. He lets the ref have it for not throwing a flag on what was a hold on Green Bay. He almost gets picked again on the very next play. Unfortunately, the third time is the (bad) charm. Cutler does get picked on the 3rd play of the sequence.

If Orlando Pace was smaller I bet Cutler would be biting his head off. He's had some really bad plays tonight.
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21 Pic Salute to Packers Fans

I wrote earlier in the week that this will be Jay Cutler's first trip to Lambeau. We gave him a video preview of what to expect. Now, we honor one of America's fervent yet freakish fandoms with a 21-pic salute.


Hey Frozen booger man with little kid's toy on head!


Yeah, Tommy? It's Bill. So listen, about the game. I got this buck I killed. I'll throw some green sunglasses on him. And some beads. And I'll wear him on my head. Tommy, you there? Hello?

Lots more pics...after the jump.
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Jay Cutler Is On Twitter

Jay Cutler has a verified Twitter account. Follow him here: @JayCutler6.

Apparently Jay was playing some iSpy on the bus to Green Bay:


I have to agree that iSpy isn't all that anymore. But if you have some kids it is a formidable weapon against unwanted noise!

Follow me on Twitter too!

Jay Cutler Six

Along with making his way to Twitter, Jay Cutler has a super-slick new website: Jay Cutler Six.

cutler website.png

The site has information on Touchdown for Diabetes, a gallery and the 'JC6 Fan Area'. The site is awash in social media and it looks great. Definitely worth checking out.

Hey Jay, are you gonna add us to your blog roll?

Jay Day: Cutler Talks Packers, Lambeau

Wednesday is "Jay Day" as some of the local media call it, the day that they get to speak with Bears QB Jay Cutler.

Cutler basically said all the right things about the Pack, the rivalry and Sunday's game.

On the Bears/Packers rivalry: "Heated rivalry, goes back a long time. Means a lot to us, means a lot to them, means a lot to the fans. It's going to be a fun one.''

On the Packers: "They're a good team, offensively and defensively. And they played pretty well this preseason. It's going to be a tough one for us.''

On his first trip to Lambeau: "I'm guessing it's similar to Kansas City; an older stadium with great fans. Lot of tradition. It's going to be a fun experience for me.'' 

And I'm guessing that someone somewhere will try and bend that comment to make it sound like Cutler is dissing KC fans.

Jay Cutler Like You've Never Seen Him

Jay went and got his hair did! Here is the franchise QB like you've never seen him before. Epic hairdo. Sports Pros(e) says, "Cutler may be treading dangerously into Gordon Beckham territory in the coif department." I was thinking more like Brenda Warner. I can't tell if the sport coat has Broncos or Bears colors. Hit the jump for the pic...
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Denver Leads the League In Nonsensical Signs


There was also the "There's No "J"ay In Team" sign. I'm not sure which one was more dumb.

Jay Cutler By the Numbers

jay celebrates.jpg

Doug Pensinger, Getty Images

7: amount of seconds into the telecast it took to see the first anti-Cutler fans: people in diapers with Cutler jerseys on

10: amount of seconds it took to see the first anti-Cutler t-shirt: "Crybaby Cutler"

29: amount of seconds it took to see the first nonsensical anti-Cutler sign: There's No "J"ay in Team (???)

1: number of Bears drives it took for Cutler to show his displeasure with something (gave it to Pep Hamilton)

2: number of scoring drives over 90 yards Cutler has led in the last 2 games

98: number of yards Cutler drove the Bears against Denver, ending with a 6-yd TD pass to Matt Forte

1: Number of fingers injured by former Bears QB Kyle Orton

1: Number of fingers shown to former Bronco Jay Cutler by angry Denver crowd

5: Number of 3rd down completions by Cutler in 8 attempts

6: Number of different receivers that Cutler hit for completions

6: Longest streak of consecutive completions by Cutler

25: Number of yards gained on 3rd & 1 pass to Clark, longest completion of the night

0: Number of interceptions thrown over last 2 games

106.1: Cutler's QB rating for the game

Another stellar performance by Cutler: 15-21, 144 yards and 1 TD. The start was a bit slow with some breakdowns on the O-Line, but Cutler led the Bears to victory again.

Bitter Bronco Fans Give Jay Cutler the Flush

Can you imagine being a Bears fan living in Colorado? "Oh the Broncos fans. You're all being educated by the daily crap I have to deal with around here...Class acts. Never has bitterness and absolute denial been more evident." That's from Matt Clapp, a Chicago sports fan living in Colorado and also the author of the fabulous Cubs blog The Friendly Blogfines and Sharapova's Thigh. He said that about this story he sent us from the Denver Post. Let's start with the photo:

The Cutler Flush.jpg


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Cutler to Aromashodu

Thumbnail image for devin aromashodu.jpg
This could be an exciting combo for the Bears: Cutler to Aromashodu. Maybe he's just playing well in the preseason, but this kid looks like an NFL receiver. He's 6'2" 200 and has some long arms and big hands. Hit the jump to see the great play he made in the Giants game.

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Penalty On Jay Cutler: Softening the Opponent

Let's call it a 10-yarder for softening the opponent on Jay Cutler. The flag is thrown for this quote from Jay:

"He's going to be a good coach," Cutler told Denver reporters in a conference call Wednesday. "I think their offense is going to be fine. I think Kyle's going to be fine. [Josh McDaniels] is an offensive mind.

"Just the brief amount of time I was able to spend with him, he's impressive. He knows a lot about offenses, he knows a lot about getting guys open and scoring points, as everyone's seen when he was in New England, so I think they're going to be fine."

I could be wrong, but this could be a crafty way of trying to save himself a beating on Sunday night.

Jay Cutler 2009 Predictions

I assembled a team of bloggers, rallied them from a slumber in their mom's basements and got them to offer up some predictions on Jay Cutler's first season as a Bear. I asked for a few things: yards, TDs, INTs and wins. They may have had to run the DVR on "Golden Girls" instead of watch it live, but they came up with some good predictions. Do you have predictions on Cutler's season? Add them in the comments.
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Broncos on Sunday Night: As Good As Preseason Gets?

Mark Klis from the Denver Post writes:

In the grand scheme that is the grand matchup between Cutler and the Bears vs. Orton and the Broncos -- or better yet, Cutler vs. McDaniels -- the 2009 preseason to date means little.

"Obviously, there's going to be a little bit of drama wrapped around it," Cutler told Chicago reporters following his impressive home debut Saturday at Soldier Field. "But we've just got to focus."

It may just be a preseason game, but I don't remember ever being excited for a preseason game on a Monday morning. And I can't be the only Bears fan that feels this way.

It's Sunday night on national TV with some captivating story lines on display. Cutler responded to the media's first question about it with: "It'll be a lot of fun, are y'all going?"
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Jay Cutler Highlights

cutler giants.jpg
The NBA has done a tremendous job of allowing bloggers do a lot of their promotion by letting them embed game and highlight videos. MLB almost immediately takes down highlight videos from You Tube, claiming their copyright. It's somewhat shortsighted. If any league needs some good, free publicity it's MLB. I'm not sure how the NFL treats user videos. I guess we'll find out, because here are the highlights from Jay Cutler ripping up the Giants on Saturday.
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A Real NFL Offense, Starring Jay Cutler

cutler rolling out.jpg

Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

In his preseason home debut Jay Cutler tore up the Giants and the Bears offense looked explosive. Checking the board:

6: Number of times I thought "Kyle Orton couldn't have made that play"
2: Number of times I thought Cutler looked like Orton
3: Consecutive completions to start the game
27: Number of yards on first completed pass, a 3rd & 8 laser to Earl Bennett
38: Number of yards gained on pass to Aromashodu, longest completion of the night
1: Number of times Cutler seemed to correct Devin Hester
12: Number of yards gained on a 3rd & 6 scramble
0: The number of games Cutler ever wants to play again without Olsen or Forte
2: 3rd down completions (3 attempts)
6: Number of different receivers that Cutler hit for completions
3: Number of possessions
3: Number of Bears scores on those possessions
2: Number of scoring drives that were 80 or more yards
11: Number of plays on the 92-yard drive that ended on the Play Action TD pass to Desmond Clark
1: Number of Mannings that Cutler outplayed on Saturday
117.8: Cutler's QB rating for the game
22: Days before Cutler does the same thing to the Packers.

Overall, Cutler was 8-13, 121 yards, 1 TD. The last number of this post is zero. That is the number of words that can describe how much fun that was to watch. It's only preseason but that was just awesome.

Does Cutler Make the Bears Fantasy Studs?

cutler night practice.jpg

Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

Oh, admit it. You know you want to draft Jay Cutler as your starting QB on your fantasy team. Unless you're from Denver. Then you hope he gets injured. But you're wondering if selecting Cutler is the right move. After all, you do want to win this thing and taunt your friends.

Yahoo's Roto Arcade breaks it down with the "Juggernaut Index", their annual rankings of NFL teams according to fantasy dominance.
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Denver's Really Taking This Jay Cutler Trade Hard

Embrace the Orton, Denver. Embrace him.

cry baby.jpg


The Karmic Guide on Jay Cutler

Jonathan Shikes over at Denver's Westword blog has written a hilarious piece called "The Karmic Guide to Fantasy Football 2009". It features 10 players you might not want to draft because karma may be coming to get them like they were on the cover of Madden. Guess who tops the list? Here's what he wrote about our new QB:

Jay Cutler: QB, Chicago Bears

Analysis: The former Denver Broncos franchise player was traded to the Bears in the off-season after a very public, very whiny temper tantrum directed at the Broncos and their new, equally punk-ass coach. Jay Cutler could do okay in Chicago, fantasy-wise, but he's also blasted Denver and its fans in an ensuing tantrum, and his face looks perpetually bee-stung.

Karmic consequences: Cutler will indeed throw for some touchdowns in 2009, and a lot of interceptions. But just as you start to ride a wave of fantasy wins, right around week six, your ex-girlfriend will "accidentally" post your gonorrhea-positive test results on her Facebook page during the same week that your boss denies that raise request. Your testicles will swell to the size of small cantaloupes. You'll also get diabetes.

Wow. I may take my chances anyway. I'm a sucker when it comes to drafting Bears.

Jay Cutler, Jersey King

cutler bears jersey.jpg

Jay Cutler is already leading the league in one category: jerseys sold. Cutler jerseys sold more than any other NFL player's from April 1 through August 7. Bears had 2 other players in the top 25 with Brian Urlacher at 19 and Devin Hester at 20.

No Matt Forte love? If I was going to buy a jersey it would be a Forte, or an Alex Brown or Lance Briggs.

Actually, now that I think about it, Cutler leads the league in two categories: Bears jerseys sold and also Denver Broncos jerseys burned.

The top 25 most popular jerseys from April 1 through August 7:

1. Bears QB Jay Cutler
2. Steelers S Troy Polamalu
3. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
4. Cowboys QB Tony Romo
5. Jets QB Mark Sanchez
6. Patriots QB Tom Brady
7. Bills WR Terrell Owens
8. 49ers WR Michael Crabtree
9. Giants QB Eli Manning
10. Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
11. Steelers WR Hines Ward
12. Colts QB Peyton Manning
13. Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson
14. Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald
15. Cowboys TE Jason Witten
16. Falcons QB Matt Ryan
17. Ravens QB Joe Flacco
18. Cowboys RB Marion Barber
19. Bears LB Brian Urlacher
20. Bears WR Devin Hester
21. Cardinals QB Kurt Warner
22. Eagles RB Brian Westbrook
23. 49ers LB Patrick Willis
24. Giants RB Brandon Jacobs
25. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel

h/t: USA Today's "The Huddle"

Does the NFC North Have the Best QBs?

Now that Brett Favre has signed with the Vikings, does the NFC North have the best stable of quarterbacks in the NFL? Here's a rundown by division:

NFC North: Cutler, Rodgers, Favre and #1 overall pick Matthew Stafford.
NFC East: Manning, Romo, McNabb and Jason Campbell.
NFC West: Bulger, Warner, Hasselbeck, Shaun Hill
NFC South: Brees, Ryan, Delhomme, Leftwich

AFC North: Flacco, Palmer, Roethlisberger, Quinn
AFC East: Brady, Edwards, Pennington, Sanchez
AFC West: Russell, Orton, Rivers, Cassel
AFC South: Manning, Collins, Schaub, Garrard

It's a tough call. If Stafford has a rookie season like Ryan did a year ago I might say that the NFC North does have the best. The NFC East could be the best too.

Cutler and Hester: It's All Good

So apparently Jay didn't say what he said. In the papers. Which he clarified with a text. Whuh? Whatever, it's all good between Hester and Cutler. Of course, the only ones that seemingly cared about this "slight" were the media and the Jay-Haters.

Vaughn McClure has the details about how initially Hester was offended at first by Cutler's comments.
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Jay Cutler Mythbusting

There's a faction out there that wants to lessen the accomplishments of Jay Cutler's 2008 season. I think this is based more on his personality than the numbers, so I found a few things that should be taken into consideration.

  1. Cutler's Broncos gave up 30 or more points 9 times last year. He did get picked off 18 times, but he had 616 pass attempts.
  2. He dominated in the 4th Quarter. He threw for 11 TDs against 4 picks in the 4th, with a QB rating of 94.2. Lest you think that it was garbage time stat-padding, 10 of his 4th quarter TD passes came when the Broncos were within 7 points.
  3. When the game was tied Cutler had a QB rating of 110, completed 69% of his passes and had 7 TDs against just one interception. 
  4. His numbers during the last 2 minutes of the half were excellent. 4 TDs and only 1 pick.
  5. Within the red zone Cutler threw for 17 TDs and just 4 picks. 
So when people talk about 18 interceptions, make sure they hear about these numbers.

It's Burn Jay Cutler Jerseys Month!

Hark! The young Broncos fan has spoken. He proclaims that it's "Burn Jay Cutler Jerseys Month", at least in Denver. The little fella reads a written statement while flaming up a Cutler #6 Broncos jersey in this video:

They took all that time to create and upload that video, they could have at least added a soundtrack to it. I'm thinking "The End" by The Doors would have been sweet.

Tip of the Hat to my guy Mike who found the video. He posted it at his site Bear Goggles On, one of the best Bears blogs out there.

Cutler to Olsen Could Be Huge

Vaughn McClure of the Trib had this report from camp:

Cutler started 7-on-7 drills completing 5 of 6 passes, including a deep one down the sideline to Earl Bennett. Cutler ended practice 6 of 8 running the two-minute drill out of the shotgun from his own 35. The drive ended with a 2-yard end-zone hookup with Greg Olsen on the fade, a nice one-handed catch.

Mr. Personality: As Olsen was surrounded by reporters after practice, Cutler casually walked by and said, "Two hands, two hands."
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Fierce Fandoms and Cutler's Comments

Mike Klis of the Denver Post has a follow-up piece about Cutler's comments on the difference between Broncos and Bears fans.

There are many people in Colorado whose idea of sport is skiing, rafting, bicycling and hiking. A Chicagoan may encourage another to "take a hike," but he's not about to set an example, not with that weather outside.

When a Coloradan sees the number "6" they don't think shortstop, as so many Chicago sports fans would -- or at least did until Cutler came along.

Yet, these same outdoorsy, well-balanced, and, yes, maybe even sports-geek Coloradans are nevertheless passionate about the Broncos. A Coloradan may hear "five-tool" player and envision a hammer, pliers, wrench and two screwdrivers hanging from a guy's belt. But that same Coloradan would also say, "Go, Champ!"

In this way, Broncos fans are a 10. And no one else -- certainly not a Bears fan -- is a close second.

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Bears Fans Overly Giddy About Cutler? Here's Why

kordell stewart.jpg

Is the Jay Cutler enthusiasm over the top? Maybe. Is it with good reason? No doubt. These are just some of the Bears QBs that came before Jay Cutler. If you digest even half of this list you will understand why Bears fans are so pumped to have Cutler here in Chicago.

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Jay Cutler Fantasy Rankings

Thumbnail image for ff tshirt.jpg
Does moving from Denver to Chicago hurt Jay Cutler's status as a top fantasy football quarterback? Here are some of his current rankings from around the web.
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Jay Cutler Needs a Nickname

My buddy and Chicago blogger Vik from Docksquad Sports wrote me with a great idea. He said we need to give Jay Cutler a nickname. I am unaware of any nicknames that he may already have. Even so, it's a new career stage for him so we need to crown him with something cool. Vik proposed this one:

"Jay Cutler aka 'Shredder'. He will shred your D apart and shred through the winds in Chicago and Green Bay to lead us to victory."

I love it. Can you think of any clever nicknames for our new quarterback? Add them to the comments. And please, Chicago -- something better than "Sexy Rexy".

Jay Cutler On Broncos Fans

Check out this quote from Jay Cutler on what training camp was like in Denver in terms of fan attendance:

Interviewed Tuesday night on ESPN Radio in Chicago, Cutler was asked about the 20,000 fans who showed up to the Bears' practices over the weekend. Cutler said Denver didn't compare as a football town.

"In Denver, we didn't have this many fans at all," he said. "We weren't even able to accommodate that many fans (at practice). That's Chicago Bears fans for you. They're proud of their Bears.

"It's a lot (different). Denver's like a 6 and Chicago's like a 9. It's a quite bit different. Just the fans and how passionate they are, that's probably the biggest difference.

I'm not going to be a Cutler apologist on this site, but is what he said that bad? Isn't he just stating facts? But then we look at some of the headlines for this "story":

  • Bears QB Jay Cutler Disses Bronco Fans On Radio Show
  • Orton Tries to Stay Out of Fray
  • Cutler Disses Denver Fans On Radio Show
  • Cutler Remark Draws Ire
Get over it. He's just pointing out the difference in the camps.

Jay Cutler Makes Receivers Better, Not the Other Way Around

cutler passes.jpg
Just listened to (again) an excellent interview with Jay Cutler by Mully and Hanley from The Score. The interview touches on the pressure here in Chicago, Jay's "Q-Rating", the Urlacher issue and much more. It was a very personable interview, better than the usual standard fare. It was more like a conversation and because of that we received some in-depth answers from Cutler.

The best part, in terms of giving fans a window into how Cutler really thinks, came when Mully asked "Everybody knows the Bears don't have the best receivers...what they're selling now is that the quarterback makes the receivers. Is that how it works? Is it that simple?"

While Cutler acknowledged that you have to have talent, his true colors came out in the rest of his response:

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Jay Cutler's Weekly Schedule

The Bears schedule starts out with a bang in September. Road games against the Pack and Seattle, with a Steelers game at home in the middle in week 2. Here's a look at what Jay Cutler will be facing week by week in his first season as a Bear. Some great QB matchups.

Team Opposing QB
Aaron Rodgers
Bears/Packers rivalry in his first game
Ben Roethlisberger
World Champs in first home game
Matt Hasselbeck
No let up in week 3 -- road game in Seattle
Matthew Stafford
Cutler vs. the next Cutler?
Matt Ryan
Cutler needs to have Bears up by at least 10 with :07 left
6 Carson Palmer
Palmer vs. Cutler could be a shootout
Brady Quinn
Browns had one of the worst D's in'08
Kurt Warner
Old school, Fouts vs. Marino battle!
Shaun Hill
Cutler vs. Singletary's D
 Donovan McNabb
Sunday Night against an always tough D
Tarvaris Jackson
Here's hoping it's Cutler vs. Favre
Marc Bulger
Only Lions allowed more points in '08
Aaron Rodgers
First taste of the rivalry at Soldier Field
Joe Flacco
Ray Lewis and Ed Reed on the road
Tarvaris Jackson
Monday night against Minny
Matthew Stafford
  Last game before playoffs?
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