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Jay Cutler's Week 1 in Soundbites

The Chicago Bears may make you want to cry, but every Monday (or Tuesday) we guarantee laughter here at Jay Cutler Superstar. It's "Jay Cutler's Week in Soundbites", where we recap Jay's week in wacky TV and movie bites. Let's get to the week 1 hilarity.

What Cutler said to Devin Aromashodu after he dropped a sure TD pass:


What Cutler said to Lovie Smith after they inexplicably went for it on 4th down:

What is your major malfunction, numbnuts? sound bite

What Lovie said in response to that:

I'm trying to think but nothing happens. sound bite

Calvin Johnson trying to talk to the ref after the now infamous "non-catch':

Shh! sound bite

Cutler's pre-game motivational speech:

hangover speech sound bite

Jay Cutler's Bye Week In Soundbites


It's back to work for the Bears with the big Falcons game on Sunday night. But here's what was going on with Jay during his bye week.

Jay's first words as soon as the bye week started:
Party sound bite

Jay and the gang's Brian Urlacher drinking game:
Party game sound bite

Jay's workout music. Kind of light, maybe for some treadmill work:
Good morning sound bite

What Jay said when Jerry Angelo told him the Bears were not trading for T.O.:
Why Not? sound bite

What Jay was listening to when driving around in his car:
Da Bears sound bite

Jay working out at Halas Hall:
Deep Burn sound bite

Jay Cutler's Week 4 In Soundbites

Heading into the bye week, our fearless leader has the Bears at 3-1. Let's celebrate with another edition of "Cutler in Soundbites". This week, Jack Nicholson, Homer Simpson, Ron Burgundy and more.

What Ron Turner said to Cutler on the sideline phone after the Bears went for it on 4th down and scored:
smrt sound bite

Cutler in the locker room just before the Bears took the field:
How Good I Look sound bite

Cutler's trash talk to the Lions D after another Bears touchdown:
Van by the river sound bite

Cutler's response after he was asked why the game was so close for a while:
Whoa-ho-ho! I don't play defense! sound bite

Cutler after his spin-o-rama touchdown dive, when asked if he knew where he was:
I Do Not Have the First Damn Clue sound bite

Jay Cutler's Week 3 In Soundbites

Time for another edition of "Cutler in Soundbites". This week, Alec Baldwin, Ricky Bobby and more.

What Lovie said to Jim Mora about the difference between Cutler and Seneca Wallace and why the Bears won:
bmw sound bite

Cutler celebrating in the locker room after the win:

Ron Turner to Cutler after his penalty for an illegal block:
Did you see the memo about this? sound bite

Cutler postgame quote for the reporters:
I Piss Excellence sound bite

Jay Cutler's Week 2 In Soundbites

Time for another edition of "Cutler in Soundbites". This week, the legendary Al Czervik, Buddy the Elf, Bluto Blutarsky and more.

What Bears fans were saying throughout the 1st quarter:
What Cutler said in the huddle after the Bears were trailing to start the 4th quarter:
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? sound bite
What Cutler said to Aaron Smith after he sacked him:
Smell Like Beef and Cheese sound bite
What Cutler said to Johnny Knox after his 4th quarter TD catch:
Batman and Robin sound bite

What Cutler said to the Bears in his postgame locker room speech:
Cookfight sound bite

Cutler's Week 1 in Soundbites

It's time for "Cutler in Soundbites". Each week we'll review Cutler's performance through some funny -- or perhaps sad -- bites and lines from TV and film. This week we have words of wisdom from Christian Bale, Frank Costanza, Champ Kind and more.

What it felt like for Bears fans:

What Lovie probably would've liked to say to Cutler at halftime:


What sports radio will be like all week:


What Josh McDaniels said repeatedly throughout the game:


Jay did manage to throw one nice TD pass:


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