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Chicago Bears as Simpsons, Now with More Marge!

A few new additions to the "Bears as Simpsons" posts, with all of them now in one convenient location! 

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If the Chicago Bears Were Simpsons, Part 2

We are back with more Bears as Simpsons characters, thanks to your suggestions and participation. I think we all know what Comic Book Guy would have said about the Bengals game: Worst. Episode. Ever. Be sure to add your inventions to the comments. And now...JCS presents: The Bears as Simpsons characters, part 2.


Johnny Knox as Maggie Simpson

Both are too young to know what a mess of a family they've been drafted/born into. (submitted by Sarah Spain)

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Chicago Bears as Simpsons Characters

Let me start by saying that the next 3 games for the Bears look very winnable. But for now, this is a way to get out my Bears aggravation. And I have a lot of aggravation. JCS presents: The Bears as Simpsons characters.


Jay Cutler as Bart Simpson

Both always get into way too much trouble

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