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You Stay Classy, Brandon Marshall

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Brandon Marshall received a taunting penalty, likely overplayed his "injury" and showed off his alligator arms last night. He also was flagged for an illegal block and dropped 2 very catchable passes. He ended up in street clothes after his 'injury' and did not speak to reporters after the game. He was bested on his own team by 4th round pick Brian Hartline, who had 5 catches for 70 yards. Marshall caught 3 balls for 41 yards and has just 1 touchdown on the season. Marshall probably didn't like the repeated pounding the Bears' defense was giving to him and left the game. Tell me -- who pulls or re-aggravates a hamstring injury and then gets in street clothes for the rest of the game? Marshall is a talent, but he came off last night as a big baby, and one that isn't that tough either. It's a long pattern for him now. photo credit: Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune



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civilwarhero said:


This is an unfortunate series of events, and I think the "Taunt" was overblown. You're talking about a devout Cutler loyalist who undermined his whole team (and himself) when he saw how his QB was treated last year.
His heart obviously wasn't in that game, but I bet anything it would've been if he were on our side of the field.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


The taunt is overblown, but he knows it's a flaggable offense. He's just a baby, not really a team guy.

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