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Pisa Tinoisamoa: Bears Don't Need Randy Moss

Chicago Bears linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa was on ESPN 1000's "Football Night in Chicago" and basically said that the Bears don't need exiled receiver Randy Moss.

"I don't know if it's something that we need, but good luck to Randy Moss."

"I don't think anybody likes distractions period. Focus is so critical and Lovie does a good job with that. He treats us like men. It's not like we have bed checks. ... He does a good job, but we're speaking so much on focus and distraction. That's why it might not be the best thing for Randy Moss to come out to Chicago. Just because he carries so much. We've got our own issues that we need to go on and address."

Still, Tinoisamoa said that adding Moss might send the wrong message to the Bears' current receivers.

"I'd be stunned [if the Bears added Moss]," Tinoisamoa said. "First of all, I feel we have such great talent here. ... We've got great talented receivers here, so I'd rather stick with that. I don't want to mess with that dynamic."

The Bears may have "great talented receivers", but they don't have great receivers. There likely isn't a wideout on the roster that will get to 50 career touchdowns -- the amount that Moss had over the last 3 seasons with Tom Brady and the Patriots.

If Moss walks into Halas Hall tomorrow, the Bears instantly become a much better team. The Bears still have 2 games with the Vikings. You don't think Moss would want to dominate them?

Tinoisamoa can talk about the Bears' "dynamic", but superstars win championships. The Bears don't have one at receiver. If the opportunity arises, the Bears should grab Moss. I bet Jay Cutler would love to have him.



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ChiTownHustler said:


Not so sure about your line "Bears instantly become a much better team" with Moss. He didn't exactly make Minnesota a winner. The Pats had only Welker, no world-beater, when they showed Moss the door and Belichick, no chump, must have thought the Pats were a better team without the dude. And who thinks the Bears coaches can make Moss work here?

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