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Chicago Bears Playoff Odds

Aim. Fire.

With Jay Cutler finally coming on in his second year with the team, a new O-coordinator in the all-big-offense Mike Martz, some talent at the wide receiver position, an ever-strong defense and a head coach in Lovie Smith with a lot to prove, the Chicago Bears have amassed a 8-3 record and sit atop the NFC North.

With only 5 games left on the schedule, the Bears are not only looking strong for the playoffs, but they have a legitimate opportunity to grab one of the top two seeds and earn a bye through the first round. Yes, our Chicago Bears.

What are the odds that the Bears finish their season strong and head to the playoffs on a high note? It is the Bears, so some fans (most?) are still waiting for the proverbial pin to burst the bubble. But with a confident, collected quarterback in Cutler, mixed with a hit-or-miss conference where teams like the Falcons and the Rams -- yes, the Rams -- are division leaders, Da Bears' chances are looking mighty healthy.

In general, if you were the type of bet money on the NFL, there are certainly worse options out there for you. Granted, football betting isn't like online video poker, with all the variables from weather conditions to player injuries, but the Bears are in control of their destiny and do seem to be a relatively strong team going forward, at least for now.

The Bears just dominated in what was the biggest game they have played all year. The Green Bay Packers sit right underneath the Bears, looking to pounce on any opportunity, so the Bears will have to certainly have to take care of business with them come January 2nd at Lambeau.

And even with the win over Philly, the road doesn't get any easier. Sure, the mediocre--but still dangerous--Lions are next, but then Tom Brady and the New England Patriots make a visit - and the Bears finish off their season at Minnesota, hosting the New York Jets, and then heading to the aforementioned  reen Bay for what could be a division-decided matchup against the Packers in week 17.

Hang on Bears fans -- it's about to get even crazier than Sunday's win against the Eagles. Could 8-3 could spiral to 9-7? It's not likely, but it's also not like we haven't seen that type of disaster before, either.

Da Bears' looking better than odds at online blackjack games or even a coin flip for finishing at least 10-6. Realistically, the odds are about 3:1 for Chicago to finish with a playoff-bound record. To earn one of the top two seeds in the league, with their schedule and with Green Bay nipping at their heels, the Bears are looking more like 12:1.

Green Bay's road isn't any easier, so we can take a little comfort in that. The Pack meet with San Fran and Detroit, but then they head to New England to face the Pats, the New York Giants come to Lambeau before that Bears vs. Packers season ender.

Any reputable, legal USA online casinos or sportsbooks are going to have Green Bay pulling slightly better odds to win the division, per strength of schedule. But it doesn't matter all that much because the Bears are a team in the driver's seat now that they have the division lead/

If the O-line can do its job and protect Cutler, Jay has absolutely no difficulty moving the ball and putting the Bears in position to score points. And let's face it: the Bears' defense is still strong, dominating teams and I think the best in the NFC.

It's been a long time since the Bears have been in this much control. All they need to do, of course, is win football games. If they can get out of the season at 11-5, they should be looking at the two seed and should have a nicely paved road to the NFC Championship game.

Did I just say that? NFC Championship game? Why not?



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