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The Jay Cutler Hater: Embarrassing You Tube Videos

People, people -- be careful with those webcams and what you do with those videos. Some intrepid blogger might find them and post them on his mildly successful site for grownups to laugh at and ridicule. Case in point: this potty-mouthed Jay Cutler hater who does well with cussing, but not so much when it comes to making salient points. 

"Broadcast on national television...all over the f---in world!" You can't make this stuff up, folks. Chicago Bears fans thank you for the laughs!

There is some NSFW language.



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JVP said:

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What. A. Douche. Love this dude's math, too. Romo has a full extra SEASON under his belt over Cutler. His reasons for the Bears' victories this season were laughable as well. Thanks for the chuckles, Matt. I hope Jersey Shore-wannabe Dallas fan here living in Mom's basement wasn't late for that 4 pm-1 am shift at Mickey D's to make this Scorsese-esque production about our QB. Wouldn't want to deprive us Bears fans of some fresh McNuggets LOL.


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