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Jay Cutler's Nightmare Giants Game in Pics

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler was battered and bruised Sunday night against the Giants. He ended up leaving the game with a concussion and didn't return. Here is a look at Jay Cutler's nightmare game against the Giants in pictures, all courtesy of Brian Cassella of the Chicago Tribune.



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csharp3410 said:

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This is what happens when you avoid drafting offensive lineman during our recent drafts. We have Thomas Jones...so what do we do? Draft Cedric Benson. What happened to Marc Columbo? Oh ya we let him go too, now hes starting for Dallas. We draft Greg Olson in the 1st round....the Packers got Jermichael Finley in like the 5th round. So then since we let Benson an Thomas Jones go...we waste another pick on Matt Forte. HMMMMMM Just think if we drafted lineman in all those drafts. Bears we be set. By the way.....Chris Williams was the weakest offensive lineman taken in the 1st round that year. Bears need to do a little more homework.

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