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Breaking Down Jay Cutler's Game Against the New York Giants


1st Quarter, 1st Series
1st play doesn't even get snapped. False start on Omiyale.
Cutler's first pass of the night is complete to Hester in the flat. Not much yardage though.
3rd and 10 and Cutler is sacked. Neither Lance Louis or Kevin Shaffer block adequately. About as horrible as a first series can go without turning over the ball.

2nd Series

Cutler completes to Bennett for 7 on first down.
Swing pass to Forte for a first down.
Cutler sacked again. Kevin Shaffer lost his block. Garza lost his too.
Cutler hits Bennett on 2nd & 19. Collinsworth says: "This sort of strange marriage between Mike Martz and Jay Cutler will probably have a few interesting twists along the way."
Cutler had Hester down the sideline but under threw the ball a bit. First incompletion of the game. Cutler is 4-5 and already sacked twice halfway through the first quarter.

3rd Series
Cutler completes to Hester for a gain of 5. Hester gets knocked down by Edwin Williams -- his own teammate.
Cutler gets picked on 3rd down after throwing it into double coverage. This game is starting to have that "Uh-oh" feel to it.

4th Series
Hey everybody! It's another false start on Frank Omiyale!!
Cutler runs play action and finds Olsen for about 4 on 2nd &11.
3rd and 7. Cutler takes a shot while throwing and Olin Kreutz makes the reception. Olsen completely whiffed on blocking Umenyiora. At least get in the way. Cutler is 6-8 for 34 yards and 1 pick.

5th Series
Cutler sacked again and fumbles. Forte recovers. Cutler has been sacked 4 times already.
3rd & 19. Umenyiora gets to Cutler and he fumbles and Giants recover. Collinsworth says: "That's not Frank Omiyale's fault. Jay Cutler has to get rid of the ball. That had to be close to 5, 6 seconds that he was trying to hold that ball." 5 series finished for Cutler and the Bears. The longest pass play they have completed is 9 yards.

6th Series
Cutler sacked on back to back plays. That makes it 7 for the game. Collinsworth keeps bemoaning the fact that Cutler is holding the ball too long. Maybe he wouldn't have to if his receivers could get open. Aaron Rodgers holds the ball and takes a ton of sacks too. It's sure better than interceptions. Collinsworth is aggravating me tonight. No run game, offensive penalties and covered receivers. What should Cutler do?

7th Series
Cutler sacked as Cofield rambles right past Olin Kreutz. 8th sack.
Cutler actually gets a pass off-- a quick one to Forte for a few yards.
Cutler stepped out of bounds before he throws it away...but it counts as another sack. That's 9.

8th Series
This series starts with Cutler having to burn a timeout.
Then Cutler hits Olsen off play action fake for a gain of 8.
Now NBC saying Giants have 8 sacks, not 9. Can't blame them -- must be hard to keep up with them.
Cutler gets sacked by Aaron Ross. Collinsworth shreds Cutler again for holding the ball. The 1st half mercifully comes to an end. Cutler 8/11 for 42 yards, passer rating of 40.

2nd half, 1st Series
Cutler is still in the locker room. Todd Collins comes out to play QB for the Bears. Cutler is done for the night.



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csharp3410 said:

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All the routes seemed to be 15-20yard routes as well.....we didnt even have enough time for 10 yard routes last night! lol Frank Omiyale is terrible....no wonder why Carolina released him.

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