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Breakdown: Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler vs. the Redskins


Breaking down the play of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler against the Washington Redskins. Cutler enters the game with 6 TDs, 3 INTs, 1202 YDS and a 60.3 completion percentage.

1st Quarter, Series 1
- 1st play never even gets underway. False start on Edwin Williams.
- 2nd & 15, Cutler out of the shotgun hits Hester for 5 yards.
- 3rd & 10, Cutler passes incomplete. That's 23 straight failed 3rd down conversions.
Aikman: "The protection is good...just a miscommunication between (Bennett) and Jay Cutler."

Series 2
- Cutler lines up wide and Bears run the Wildcat with Hester. Play goes nowhere. Aikman: "Mike Martz, he's looking at that playsheet just not knowing what he should call."
- 3rd & 9. Cutler gets sacked -- number 28 allowed by the Bears. 24 straight failed 3rd down conversions.

Series 3
- Bears start the series with -4 yards. Cutler throws high and incomplete to Knox.
- Cutler feels pressure, escapes then still gets sacked.
- 3rd & 15. Screen to Taylor for 4 yards. Bears offense looks like it skipped practice this week.

2nd Quarter, Series 4
- Bears start at their own 10. Total yards for the game: -5.
- Cutler hits Knox for a 23-yard gain.
- Momentum killer: False start on Chris Williams.
- Cutler has to throw it away after a safety blitz.
- Hester falls down during his route and pass is incomplete. Another long 3rd down.
- 3rd & 15. Cutler gets sacked for the 3rd time. Aikman: "Chris Williams now on two occasions has turned guys loose."

Series 5
- Crowd mock cheers because the Bears actually ran the ball.
- 3rd & 1, Bears run it with Chester Taylor. Loss on the play. 27 straight failed 3rd down conversions.
Series 6
- Bears start the series with one 1st down.
- Cutler hits Forte in the flat for 4 yards.
- Cutler hits Hester on a quick pass for 3yards.
- 3rd and 3, Cutler throws to Olsen and Landry makes a great play to break it up. 0-6 on 3rd downs.

Series 7
- Olsen drops a nice pass from Cutler, but offsides on Washington.
- Quick hit to Hester for a first down.
- Cutler hits Bennett for 7. Short passing game is working.
- Cutler to Bennett again, this time for 6.
- Cutler hits Knox, but Knox slips. Still a first down.
- Cutler hits Knox again, this time for 12 yards and another first down. Cutler 5-5 on the drive.
- Little dump to Forte for a gain of 5. Aikman points out that no running plays so far on the drive.
- Cutler evades the pressure and fires a strike to Knox in the back of the endzone for a touchdown. 14-10 Bears. Aikman: "A great illustration of the arm strength Cutler has."

3rd Quarter, Series 8
- Cutler's first pass of the half is almost picked.
- Cutler fires one complete to Bennett, who makes a nice effort for extra yards. 1st down.
- Cutler to Olsen for a first down, and Olsen's first catch in 3 games.
- Cutler hits Bennett deep for 48 yards and almost a TD. Aikman says it looks like a TD. Lovie throws the red challenge flag. Play is upheld and Bears lose a timeout.
- Bears try a sneak with Cutler and he fumbles, Washington recovers. No Challenge here. Aikman: "If you challenge the one with Earl Bennett, as to whether or not he scored, I think it was worthwhile for Lovie then to challenge that play."

Series 9
- Cutler gets picked off on the first play of the drive. Aikman: "And that should never happen. Devin Hester has got to come back to the quarterback on that and if nothing else break up the pass."

Series 10
- After back to back first down runs by Taylor, Forte re-enters the game and Cutler hits him with a short dump off. Forte turns it into a first down and more.
- 2nd & 7, Cutler hits Taylor with a quick pass. Taylor finally getting involved with the offense.
- Cutler connects with Hester for a first down -- first 3rd down conversion of the day. Ends the string of 28 consecutive 3rd down failures.
- Cutler to Forte in the flat, short gain. 3rd down again.
- 3rd & 7. DeAngelo Hall picks off Cutler and takes it to the house. What looked like a sure scoring drive for the Bears turns into a TD for Washington. 92-yard TD for Hall. 1st redzone pick of the year for Cutler.

Series 11
- Bears start on their own 15. Cutler now has three turnovers on the day: the goal line fumble and the 2 interceptions by Hall. All 3 have come on the Bears' last 3 possessions.
- Olsen makes a catch and a nice move, first down on the reception.
- Cutler gets sacked by Orakpo to end the 3rd quarter.
- 2 & 12, Cutler underthrows Olsen and it's incomplete.
- 3rd & 12. Amazing catch by Olsen in coverage for a first down. Another 3rd down conversion.
- Cutler hits Forte on a pass but Forte fumbles it away. Washington recovers. 4th turnover of the game for the Bears.

4th Quarter, Series 12
- Bears start at their own 6. Cutler fires from his own endzone but incomplete to Olsen.
- Cutler throws to Knox and is picked off by Hall -- his 3rd of the game. Aikman: "Johnny Knox has got to stay on the move...You can't just then stop on the route, because that's (interception) what happens when you do." Aikman adds: "That's going to look like it's on Jay Cutler, but it's on Johnny Knox."

Series 13
- Quick pass to Hester for 6 yards.
- 2nd & 4, Knox drops and easy pass that would have resulted in a first down.
- 3rd & 4. Pass complete to Forte, but holding on JaMarcus Webb.
- 3rd & 14, Cutler pass hits Landry in the helmet and ricochets all the way back to Chris Williams who makes the reception. Bears have to punt.

Series 14
- 3:31 left, Bears start from their own 20. Cutler throws behind Devin Hester. Aikman: "We've seen a few of those from Jay Cutler today."
- 2nd & 10, Complete to Knox for 11 and a first down.
- Finds Knox on first down for 17 and another first down.
- Cutler picked off by DeAngelo Hall for a fourth time. Aikman: "There's never a chance to complete this one. Jay Cutler wants to take a shot but there's no double move to get DeAngelo Hall to jump it."

Cutler ends his day 26-40, 281 yards, 1 TD, 4 INTs, 54.3 passer rating



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