Jay Cutler Superstar

Jay Cutler's Preseason in Pics

Jay Cutler and the rest of the Chicago Bears had a pretty rough preseason. Probably the best thing that happened to Cutler was that he got himself a beautiful lady friend in Kristin Cavallari.We can only hope there is some switch that Jay or Lovie or Mike Martz can flip when the Bears battle the Lions in week 1 of the NFL season. Otherwise it will be a long, long winter for Bears fans. Here's a look at Jay Cutler's...

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rufusbabo said:

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As Ditka said in the Bear's Superbowl heydays in paraphrase : We are the Grabowskis and they are the Jones.
Today; the Bears remind me of the Jones and the rest of the division are the Grabowskis. There seems to be "no fire in the belly" only fois grais, I guess that's how it's spelled because I'm a Grabowski that senses something ain't right with this season's lineup...starting with Cutler who reminds me of the #1 Jones boy.

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