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Breaking Down Jay Cutler's Game Against Green Bay

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Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

The night starts with an apoplectic Mike Martz yelling on the sideline before the Chicago Bears even run a play. Fortunately it got better for the Bears.

1st Series

Cutler hits Knox over the middle for 23 yards on his first pass attempt.

2nd pass attempt and Cutler is sacked.

Cutler hits Bennett on 3rd and 9 for a 1st down.

Cutler goes long for Hester in the end zone but caught out of bounds.

Cutler hits Hester on 3rd down but not enough for 1st down. Woodson nails him on the release from a corner blitz.

2nd Series

Cutler escapes the pressure and throws it away...but holding against Roberto Garza. 1st and 20.

Cutler evades pressure and scrambles for 10. He also gets 15 more with the face mask call on Matthews.

Nifty pass behind Woodson to Olsen for another first down. Gruden tells us it's a "Back shoulder fade" pattern. It's also another Olsen fumble that luckily trickles out of bounds.

Cutler lines up wide on the Wildcat formation and tries to go for another Derrick Martin's knees with a block attempt.

Cutler overthrows Olsen in the end zone and is picked off by...Derrick Martin. Karma time. 2 drives of moving the ball but no points on the board. Jaws says: "Mike Martz is doing a good job of zeroing in Jay Cutler, but that was not a good throw. This is a throw he should not have made."

3rd Series

Cutler shows no fear by hitting Hester over the middle for 16 yards. Gruden says: "This guy Cutler has no conscience. He throws an interception and makes a throw like that? This is gonna be a heck of a football game."

Cutler gets a gift - it looks as if Collins picked him off but it's ruled incomplete as he dropped it.

Tons of pressure as Cutler drops back and he's sacked again.

Cutler scrambles again on 3rd and 15 and gets the first down.

1st and 10 and pressure is on yet again. Cutler has to throw it away.

Packers break down Bears O-line and Cutler is sacked again. Kreutz has some words for Frank Omiyale. 3rd sack in 21 plays.

4th series

Cutler tries for Hester but Hester falls down. Not a great throw by Cutler anyway. On to 3rd and 17.

Cutler throws to...no one. Bennett just stands there as the ball sails out of bounds. 3 & out. Jaws says: "This Martz/Cutler relationship looked very good for 2 games...they look a little out of sync here tonight."

5th series

After the exciting return by Hester, Cutler fires one to Knox down the sideline for 31 yards. Awesome play by Knox to get both feet in bounds.

Cutler finds Olsen for a short gainer on first down.

Cutler under serious pressure, has to shovel it to Forte to avoid the sack. 3rd and 6.

Cutler fires one to Olsen for the 9-yard TD. Bears get on the board before the half ends. Gruden says: "Look at Mike Martz, you can see why he's excited to be in Chicago. This young man can throw it."

Cutler ends the half 9-15 for 109 yards, 1 TD and 1 Interception. He also has the 2 rushes for 26 yards - 11 more than Forte.

2nd Half, 1st Series

Cutler has to wait until there is just over 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter to get his first shot in the 2nd half.

Cutler smokes one to Knox for 35 yards. Jaws says: "You can hear (Cutler's pass) whistling up here." 1st down in Packers territory.

Cutler runs again, makes a nice cutback move and picks up another first down. 11 yard gain.

Cutler finds Clark out of the backfield - another first down pass. Gruden says: "Cutler's hurting Green Bay with his mobility and his arm." 1st & goal.

Cutler has plenty of time but no one can get open. He throws it out of the end zone. 2nd down.

Cutler lines up wide as Forte runs the Wildcat. Forte runs the ball.

Cutler threads the needle to Bennett but he's down at the half-yard line.

Bears line up to go for it on 4th down but Cutler calls time out. Lovie wants to challenge the call, but it's a bad move. Call is upheld.

Cutler finds Clark for an easy score, but Clark drops it. Packer ball. Gruden says Cutler should have thrown a better ball there, but it was completely catchable.

2nd Series

Cutler throws a pick on his first attempt, but it's because he takes a nasty helmet to helmet hit. 15-yard penalty against the Packers, automatic 1st down for the Bears.

Hester drops a catchable ball. 2nd and 10.

Finally we see Forte on a reception. He gets the first down with 15 yards and then 15 more on an unnecessary roughness call.

Cutler feels the pressure, steps up into the pocket and hits Olsen for a nice gain down to the Packers 13.

Cutler checks down to Bennett for a completion, but it's short of the first down. 4Th & 4.

3rd Series

Cutler and the Bears get the ball back after the takeaway. On the first play, Cutler and Knox are running different plays. Ball is thrown nowhere near Knox and it's an incompletion.

Cutler throws of his back foot and nearly gets picked but it's dropped by the Pack. Still, holding is called on Kreutz so it's 2nd and 20.

Cutler throws one up for Olsen and it's complete for 21 yards and a first down. 2 minute warning.

Cutler throws to Bennett in double coverage and is picked off. But Bennett was interfered with so it's first down for the Bears on yet another Green Bay penalty.

A few runs by Forte and it sets up a Gould chip shot field goal. Bears 20-17.

Cutler ends his evening 16/27 for 221 yards with 1 TD and 1 pick. He also gained 37 yards on 3 carries.



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