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Morbid Curiosity: When Do You Bench Jay Cutler?

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Everything is going just swimmingly over in Bourbonnais. Every player is in the best shape of their lives. The offense looks great. The defense looks dominating. The ball boys are better than ever. But let's take a break from the lovefest and dig deep into our bag of morbid curiosity.

Here is the scenario, one I hope doesn't rear its utter ugliness:

Let's assume that Cutler starts the season with 2 TDs and 8 picks in the first 3 games. The Bears start 0-3. At what point -- if any -- do you think Lovie Smith and/or Mike Martz bench Jay Cutler? You might think the answer is never.

And after reading this, I bet you're wondering why the Bears haven't signed a legitimate backup QB.

So what do you think, Bears fans?  



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Mike Burzawa said:


I don't think the Bears would ever bench Cutler because it would be an admission of yet another mistake by the front office. Cutler could die and they would trot him out there Weekend at Bernie's style.

Bears STH said:


The Bears will never bench Jay Cutler. Period.

IrishSweetness said:


I'd give him this season and the next before I'd consider starting Hanie or Pepe le Pew. A bad cutler is still better than those two jokers. He's a baller. A pro bowler. He's not exactly blessed with receivers or even a good offensive line. If we can't work it out with him, then it's Angelo/Lovie's fault. Mostly Angelo's.

Not signing Brandon Marshall was monumentally stupid. The opportunity was there to reunite the best receiver in the league with his old QB ... for a SECOND ROUNDER !!! NFL blue chip receiver for a 2nd rd pick. A no-brainer. Angelo trades for Cutler but doesn't address the receiver or O-line positions. He's an idiot and has been running this club into the ground since he got here. Terrell Owens wasn't worth the bare minimum salary? Really? We couldn't use a HOF receiver. They won't even give Shabba his due - he's clearly our best receiver yet he only sees limmited snaps. Why? Because the guy who should be running back kicks is getting paid 7 million a year to try and do something he wasn't born to do.

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