Jay Cutler Superstar

Before Jay Cutler: Chicago Bears Quarterbacks

These are just some of the Bears QBs that came before Jay Cutler, and it's mostly awful. And guess what? If Chris Williams doesn't stop doing his best Orlando Pace imitation, we'll be watching 16 games of Caleb Hanie/Dan LeFervour. Don't you miss the days when Frank Omiyale was called for false starts every other play?



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Matt said:


Still remember when the bears waived Chad Hutchinson.

Giangreco's cutline was "Catch a Waive"

LJ and I nearly crapped ourselves laughing

Matt Lo Cascio said:


To be fair, you guys pretty much did that daily. Hence the butt musk

rex jaybels said:

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Watching that little slide show made me ill. Seriously.

Jimmy Greenfield said:


The saddest part is Cutler is just another one of the losers.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Jimmy- are you really that anti-Cutler? Even in a "bad" season, he threw for a career-high 27 TDs and over 3600 yards with no run game and a rag tag O-line.

The Great Geno said:

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How could you forget Eric Kramer? After Steve Walsh pried the starting job away from him in 1994 (which should've occured much sooner than it did, if I remember correctly) he had arguably the best Bears season by a quarterback in the last 25 years.

Also, Jim Miller literally destroyed his arm trying to throw for the Bears long, long after he should've hung it up for the season. He'll always deserve major street cred for his gutsy, if not altogether productive, performances in 2002.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Hey Geno-

I was just pointing out the mostly bad ones, although some of the QBs on here did have some decent seasons for the Bears.

Andy-Kid said:


You know what I find sad? The fact that there were TWENTY SIX examples of horrible QB's. And those are probably only the ones you could think of. A quick Google search would probably turn up like thirty more.

rugger4ever said:


What about Bobby Douglas? Dude had an arm, not all that consistent, but loved to watch him play.

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