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Cutler Haters Have New Target: Tim Tebow

Man, they love destroying stuff over in Denver. They burned the Cutler name off of one jersey. Then they burned the whole jersey. Then they broke out the toilets to flush some jerseys. Most of it was all directed at Bears QB and Denver defector Jay Cutler. Well after round one of the NFL Draft, it looks as if Broncos fans have a new target for their lighters: Tim Tebow. Video has some language, so viewer beware.

And now with Brandon Marshall on the Dolphins, good luck to Kyle Orton on having a good season in 2010!

h/t: Unathletic Mag



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denvernative said:

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Haha, funny stuff. You're totally right; Denver's crime rate in contrast to Chicago's is living proof of our penchant for destruction. Did anyone happen to mention to you guys that Cutler is an egomaniac with some of the sexual appetites of one Ben Roethlisburger? Just an FYI...

jk80906 said:

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If Tebow has a losing record after starting in he NFL for four years, he will be considered a failure.

Sort of like the Bears very own JayBaby, no?

rufusbabo said:

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Denver fans tarred and feathered Jay Cutler because they know how to recognize phony baloney from sincerity and real talent.
Cutler is over hyped and not respected by the O line; that's why he fertilizes the grass so often.

rufusbabo said:

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Angelo must like the lip gloss that Cutler uses in his one on one meetings.

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