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The Jay Cutler Saga (Best. Video. Ever.)

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The offseason is the time to put things in perspective, as well as other little things, like finding coordinators for both sides of the ball. In this video, Bears fan Jimmy Mac wraps up the Cutler to the Bears story from the beginning. It's a micro-documentary and amazing highlight reel. Network quality, Jimmy.

As for the Bears and Cutler, we know that next season will certainly not lack excitement.



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Tab said:


It's good to see Jay's agent, "Jimmy Mac," blew his 15% of that extension on some editing software... LOL what a fantastic video! You're right that this poetic mancrush brings some hope for 2010.

Lauren Strec said:


Jimmy did a fantastic job! This entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

A7Xthebest said:


Badass video Matt, thanks for posting.

dhaab said:


This video brought to you by the Chicago Bears. :)

Nice editing and use of music. Does Jimmy Mac make much money doing these videos?

Broncos7God said:

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Josh McDaniels can suck it.......Nice video.......

IrishSweetness said:


Good video. It's a shame that every post-Metallica 'metal' band all sound alike - fifteen year olds with fancy production ...

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