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Jay Cutler: The Final Numbers


Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

Those last 2 games were killer, and it gives us something positive to think about heading into the offseason. Here are Jay Cutler's final stats for his first season as a Bear.

Comp: 366
Att: 555
Comp %: 60.5
Yds: 3,666
TD: 27
INT: 26
Passer Rating: 76.8
Passer Rating- Home: 88.6
Passer Rating- Away: 65.2
Games with passer rating over 100: 5
Games with passer rating under 50: 3
Completions 20+ yds: 56
Completions 40+ yds: 6
Sacked: 35
Rushing: 40-173, 1 TD
Fumbles: 9
Fumbles lost: 1



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IrishSweetness said:


Bearing in mind he was officially the most harassed passer in the league at one point, had brutal blocking for the majority of the year, with the related non-running-game to boot ... as well as the poor receiving corps (dropped routes, dropped passes, scrambling rules) AND horrible play-calling by Turner ... he wasn't given much help and did remarkably well in consideration of the above. A future HOFer if we get a line and another big receiver for him to target.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


I mostly agree. But the majority of the picks -- especially the red zone picks -- are on him. Next year will be different.

PapaJ said:

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Although I partially agree (backing off of Matt's 'mostly') I think it's way too simplistic to put blame for the whole season on any one or two aspects of the game. Could the O=line be better? Yes...but they're not as bad as people are making them out to be...like lavida Lo Ca said, "the majority of the pickes are on him [Cutler]"
Cutler had a nearly NON-EXISTENT running game in Denver, which is why he had so much occasion to throw...giving him those pro-bowl #'s everyone likes to recount so much. The truth is that he did a lot of that on the run and was throwing to an acrobatic Marshall who made his passing #'s look great. Jay never really had any reason to do all that running around here since he more often than not had a pocket to throw out of...so we cant blame Cutler's passing/pics numbers on the line. It's my thought that Cutler sized up the team, realized he wasnt throwing to an acrobat, but a bunch of guys acting like BOBO the clown (batting passes around) & got comfortable throwing picks...testing the resolve of the Bears fan universe. He knew we were missing our defensive QB in Urlacher, kept seeing injuries all season and knew (rightly so) that we werent the playoff team we thought we were, much less a superbowl contender...and along with all of that paranoia you can make the case for him trying to get time for Aromashadu--his pet project. I generally dont go the route of giving people more credit than they're consciously due, but after the first 5 games or so, I think Cutler went rogue...& that's what I attribute half or more of Cutler's pics to...manipulation.

In the end I agree that we'll be different next year...I just hope that doesnt come at the expense of a good coach. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the people around Lovie, he's done a pretty good job over 6 yrs, and I believe (LORD willing) that we'll be a playoff contender next year!

Waffle 2.0 said:


i wish i could be paid millions by being pretty good at my job. I think pretty good should be downgraded to acceptable or pedestrian. Was it the coach or the sick display of talent on the field that got us to the Super Bowl? Was it the gameplan that got us worked in that game? Was the constant QB controversy needed between Rexy and KO really necessary or would a real talent evaluator have just gone with the better QB?

Lovie and his assistants have not lived up to their job descriptions or expectations. Jay Cutler didn't play mind games or throw picks on purpose. come on man.

chitownsportsjunkie said:

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you remark that "Cutler had a nearly NON-EXISTENT running game in Denver"... did you just convince yourself of that? it's really a dumb comment, in that Denver had 1,860 yards rushing last year, 15 rushing touchdowns, and a YPC of 4.8, which was 2nd only to the NY Giants in 2008. Cutler put up great numbers with an offensive line that allowed him to be sacked only 11 times and could run block. Get your facts straight, dummy.

civilwarhero said:


However you slice it, 7/9 of the Bears 2009 Regular Season losses were to teams that made it into the Playoffs.
I don't care what anyone says...not too shabby for a team with a new QB who didn't spend the off-season with 'em AND the loss of the defensive team captain.
We just need the other half of Cutler-Marshall puzzle, and look out next year!

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