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Wanna-be Gangster/Ravens Fan Has Crooked Hat, Lame Analysis

I think I saw this kid in "Gran Torino". He really likes the phrase "Here we are". Caution: A bit of language near the middle, when he predicts Jay Cutler will throw 6 picks against the Ravens.



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RavensBlogger said:

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I don't think that Cutler will have six picks against the Ravens. He'll probably have more like three. If Ed Reed was healthy then he might have six. The Bears better hope that Ray Rice doesn't run well in this weather or it'll be a blowout.

My prediction is Ravens 17 Bears 10

Baltimore Ravens Blog

Matt Lo Cascio said:


I'd be surprised if the Bears stop Ray Rice regardless of the weather.

Katelynne said:

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oh my gosh! that was hilarious! as a bears fan i know i shouldn't laugh when he calls jay a "you know what" but it was so funny the way he said it. clearly this dude has had a few drinks!

IrishSweetness said:


Nothing sadder than some middle-class white kid in mom's basement with an over-size baseball cap listening to bad hip hop and talking at the screen like anyone cares. Well, there is, but this just made me feel good about myself, thanks !

KyleOrton said:

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IrishSweetness there is something worse that a middle-class white kid in his mom's basement... It's a 10 million dollar quarterback who posted a QB rating of 7.9 against Baltimore. I have joked a lot on this website about Kyle Orton, but I'm not joking anymore... Jay Cutler sucks!!!! 25 INTS are you kidding me? As a Bears fan I am horrified and I just wish you would take this blog down or re-name it 'Jay Cutler... the next Jeff George' or 'Jay Cutler is always in the giving mood when it comes to turonovers'. The Bears suck!!! Cutler sucks!!!! and we are stuck with him.

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