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Jay Cutler Doesn't Care What You Think

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Jay Cutler addressed the media today and had this to say about all the criticism that comes his way.

"I don't worry about anybody's observations except for the people in this building," Cutler said. "Whatever you guys write and whatever you guys do, that's your deal. I can't get wrapped up in what's going on outside of this building."

"It's a growing process,'' he said, "and I think once I get away and I take a look and go back and look at all the games and see what we've accomplished and what we need to get better at, there's definitely going to be a process.

"Like you said, at this point, it's tough to imagine pulling positives out of the situation we're in right now."

It's not tough for me to imagine the positives. Even Pro Bowl QBs can't make a team contenders without an O-Line. And Cutler has to chill on throwing the picks. Is there anyone currently on staff that can coach him up? He needs it. It would also be nice to see him run plays he had success with in Denver. And he needs better receivers. There are so many things fans learned this season. Here's hoping the Bears' brass saw the same things and does something about it.



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robertc9789 said:


Bears fan here since the 60's. Moved to Colorado 20 years ago and have become a Bronco fan too. Observed Cutler when he was with the Bronco's and wasn't very upset when he left. He certainly has all the physical qualities to become a great QB. Great strong arm as well. What he lacks is basic knowledge of the game itself. I really don't think he has studied the game itself like he should of. It's obvious when you watch him play, lots of very dumb decisions from his lack of learning and knowing the game like he should. I don't think he will have much success with the Bears in the next few years other than the BIG contract he scored. I see him bouncing around the league after his Bears stay and maybe finding some success down the line after he learns the game some.
Final comment, Cutler will never become a "team" guy or leader. He plays for himself and that's all. Successful QB's have played for and lived and died for their teams. This guy will just never care, take my word for it. I've watched him since he came into the league.

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