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Cutler, Turner Should Dominate the Lowly Rams

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With the exception of the Bears last game against the Lions, today's tilt against the Rams here at Soldier Field provides the best chance for Jay Cutler to put up some excellent numbers. In between the Rams and Lions game, the Bears face Green Bay, Baltimore and the Vikings.

The Rams are just all around brutal. On defense, they rank 30th in points allowed, giving up an average of 27 per game. They rank 28th in yards allowed, 22nd in passing yards allowed and 28th in rushing yards allowed. Add to the fact that they are 1-10 and on the road and the Bears offense should post some huge stats today. Anything less than 24 points will be a disappointment.

Today is also the day that we should see something new from Ron Turner's offense. One of the main criticisms of Turner and Lovie Smith is their failure or obstinacy in making changes to their schemes and play-calling. Turner runs a boring offense that looks like it hasn't changed since the 90's, and Smith's Tampa-2 looks tired, regardless of the personnel on the field.

What say we mix it up today? Something's got to give--right?

I've hears Hub Arkush on numerous occasions state he is a fan of Ron Turner. I love Hub and his football analysis, but I can't understand why he would think Turner is a good offensive coordinator. Even when Turner had excellent offensive lines the Bears offense did not excel. While the Bears' O-line is awful, other teams like the Packers and the Steelers get their points even though they have brutal offensive line play. They may have better talent, but it's also apparent they have better coordinators too.

So enjoy today. 3 big games, and likely losses are coming our way.



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dhaab said:


So did any Bears fans enjoy this game? LOL
I'm a Rams fan and am pretty used to the losing, but at least I can blame it mostly on a lack of talent on my team.

This site is turning into a quite the joke, considering how pathetic Cutler has played so far this season. I also find it amusing how so many Bears fans continue to blame their losses on anyone NOT named Cutler. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Matt Lo Cascio said:



This site is as critical of Cutler as any out there, so obviously you don't read it much. Also, I told you long ago to see the doctor and get that large object removed from your rectum.

dhaab said:


Hmmm...so if I criticize your comments on a website, that means I have a large object in my rectum? A wise man once said "thin-skinned people have no business writing blogs". Lighten up, Matty. I'm just having fun with you.

It's just when you title your website "Jay Cutler, Superstar", you're absolutely BEGGING to be made fun of. :-)

KyleOrton said:

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Nice display of domination Bears' fans... 17 points on the Rams??? Are you kidding. Now I know you didn't want to open up the passing game in fear of Jay Cutler giving the ball away like he always does, but 17 points on the Rams??? This will be a losing season Chi-Town... It's over and you just put your future on 'a 10 million dollar arm and a 10 cent head)

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