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Cutler's Ref-Hounding Is Just Fine

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Dan Pompei's column today has left me a bit perplexed. Here's why. He writes:

In addition to interceptions, Jay Cutler may lead the league in complaints to officials, as well as funny faces made.

Neither, however, is an official NFL statistic the Elias Sports Bureau recognizes.

Of course, these are responses to frustration about Cutler's erratic play and less-than-supportive supporting cast, which are the real issues. But for Cutler to be the kind of quarterback Tom Brady is, he will need to show less emotion and more focus on the field.

Bad example. Tom Brady may not show as much emotion as Cutler. But he certainly is on officials as much as any QB in the league. Just recently veteran linebacker Joey Porter said of Brady: "When a guy can tell a ref when to throw a flag and he gets it and stuff like that, he got his own rules. They made the whole [rule that you] don't go at the legs because of Tom. So when he feels that someone is coming at his legs, he just points at the ref and he gets a flag. So you've got to honestly say that he got his own rules." Brady hounds refs for calls and he makes his share of faces too.

I reckon this column was written because Cutler was demonstrative on some really bad non-calls that were clearly pass-interference. But Cutler should be lobbying the refs for calls. It shows his receivers and the team that he cares, that he is trying to be a leader. And all QBs do it. If he just walked off the field with his head down, people would be complaining even more. He has fire and he wants to win. I love it.

Pompei writes that Cutler should come to the sideline and hear something like this from his coach:

"Dealing with the officials is my job, not yours. Making calls is the official's job, not yours. Your job is to make a play. You can't control what an official does. You can only control your play. That's what you need to be concerned with."

Think about this: whenever you see a pass play with early or excessive contact, two players on the field immediately raise their hands up and down, simulating the flag-throwing motion. Who are those players? The QB and the receiver. This happens all around the NFL.

As far as Cutler being overly-demonstative or making too many faces, there are other successful QBs that do the exact same thing, How about Philip Rivers? Rivers is one of the top QBs in the game, and he can almost be considered a spaz.

Cutler is fine in his demonstration. He's trying to win. Trying to get calls to go the Bears' way or making faces of disappointment have nothing to do with a disappointing season and a 5-7 record.



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Katelynne said:

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Thank you very much for this! I agree with everything you say! It's also pretty entertaining to watch. Even if we're losing and I'm angry, seeing him do that always makes me laugh!

A7Xthebest said:


Yeah whether people like to admit it or not, in the NFL lobbying refs helps you toward the end of the game. Also love seeing the contrast of the competitive fire between Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler.(Though I would rather see Lovie fired and have Cowher AND Cutler scream at the officials)

IrishSweetness said:


Word. Cutler is this Season's scapegoat quarterback. It's old.

peterkat said:

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Dude, I'm all over this column like white on rice. Couldn't agree more-- Jay will be all right. I actually look forward to seeing him play, he's very old school- leaves it all out on the field. One day the cynics and detractors will be rueing the day they laughed at his antics.

KyleOrton said:

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Yeah I agree Cutler should keep crying to the stripes he's got to blame someone other than himself when he rifles a pass into a defenders chest. It couldn't be Jay Cutler's fault could it?????

Love You Jay... Pure Comedy....


jk80906 said:

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I thought that this site was a joke at first, making fun of The JayBaby Cutler...but now I understand that it is a HUGE JOKE - you actually love da widdle JayBaby!

How cute and how pathetic.

He stinks. The numbers don't lie. He stinks.

And you clearly don't know anything about football, chicago or otherwise.

Did I mention he stinks?

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Looking at your last 5 or so comments, I'd say Cutler might want to take out a restraining order on you. And like most uninformed people, you obviously haven't read the site much. We've been as critical of Cutler as anyone. Have fun trolling!

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