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Will Jay Cutler Survive the Season?

The Hall of Fame left tackle and perennial Pro Bowl center have clearly seen better days. The top draft pick right tackle isn't really a right tackle. The starting guards have already been changed. Jay Cutler is always under pressure. He gets rid of the ball quick enough that he has only been sacked 15 times (11th most in NFL) but he still is getting hit too much. Will he last the year? Let's look at the pass rushers that are coming to get him.

  • Arizona- They run a 3-4 and don't have a stud pass rusher. Good chance for the Bears O-line to get better.
  • San Francisco- 49ers don't have a stud pass rusher either, but Singletary will have something for the Bears. The blitzes will be fast and furious in this one.
  • Philadelphia- Beware. Trent Cole is a legit pass rusher and the Eagles are tied for 2nd in the league in sacks. 
  • Minnesota- Jared Allen. Wear extra padding, Jay.
  • St. Louis- A bad football team, but they still have Leonard Little and he can still get to the QB.
  • Green Bay- Sacked Cutler twice in the opener and will get pressure on him in this game.
  • Baltimore- Not as feared as they once were on defense, but Suggs, Pryce and Jarret Johnson can rush the passer. 
  • Minnesota- Jared Allen. Wear even more padding, Jay.
  • Detroit- Not too fearsome, but did sack Cutler twice in the first meeting.
So what do you think? Will Jay play in all 16? Vote now.



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Stormin Norman said:

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He'll play in all 16, its just not going to be because his line protects him. He'll continue to get his jersey dirty and create time with his scrambling. He'll make it because of his toughness, not any help he gets from the swiss cheese o-line.

winstonchill29 said:


He's tough enough, no doubt. My biggest fear is that this sorry organization will be the demise of this talented player because they're so arrogant to think they can develop him! WHO might that guy be to do that?? Until this organization rids itself of the "parasites" known as the McCaskey's, the fans will continue to put thier money in a slot machine with absolutely no chance for payout!

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Well since the McCaskeys own the team, I don't think they'll be going anywhere soon.

sjvl said:


I wasn't sure earlier in the season, but after last week, I have much more confidence my QB isn't the crybaby they all described in Denver. Bloody, dirty, bell rung and still playing. Loved it!!

Not only will he play all 16, but the Bears will win 10. I feel it in my old bones....

Mike Burzawa said:


Here's my take on how they can protect Jay to survive the season: http://beargoggleson.com/2009/11/04/top-ten-ways-to-protect-jay-cutler/

deandrey duffie said:

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i think jay will do just fine stick to strip and keep throwing that ball as fast as he can and try to maintain under pressure its just a game.

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