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Thursday Night Brutal: Cutler, Coaches, Announcers

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José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune

Quotes, thoughts and some numbers from last night's disaster. Just throwing it out there...much like #6. Too soon?

Can we soon expect to hear the first Lovie Smith utterance of "Jay is our Quarterback"?

Mike Singletary really likes clapping. I haven't seen a coach clap that much since Jim Essian.

Why the countless Bob Babich sideline shots?

Alex Brown: "Everybody has a bad day at work, that's just it. We have to be there to have his back and we do." Sounds like the quotes the Bears players used to give about Rex Grossman.

As it turns out, the most joyous part of the evening was when we received only the ambient audio from the field. Bob Papa and Matt Millen had dead mikes, and I could have watched the entire game that way.

Millen didn't stop for a breath much of the night. Think he's happy to be out from under the weight of the Lions gig? Some gems:

Bob Papa: "Jimmy Raye (Niners Coordinator) in his 33rd year in the National Football League."
Matt Millen: "And, Jimmy Raye has been around the league for a long time."

Millen on Cutler: "Halfway part of the season, how much more familiar he is now than he was at the start of the season." Nothing gets by Millen.

Millen name-checking Mark Twain: "Oh yeah, who said it, Mark Twain? About it being cold here?"

Rich Eisen: "Jay Cutler spelled with a backwards K, because he was caught looking all night long."

As it turns out, Jay Cutler is one of the better tacklers on the Bears. He takes really good angles to the ball carrier and keeps his pursuit until the play is over.

The Bears did not have a first down until 2:25 left in the 1st quarter. The best offensive corrdinator in the world cannot overcome 5 picks, but Turner continues to run it up the middle and throw those quick screens to the wide outs. 1993 called--they want their playbook back. There has to be another way to get the ball downfield to Knox and Hester. More shotguns, more rollouts, new packages-- how about Hester and Forte in the backfield with Olsen in the slot and Knox and/or Hester on the outside?

The redzone pick Cutler threw into a sea of red jerseys was by far his worst play of the season. Of course, it might be nice if Greg Olsen was on the field for that play. Why he's not always in redzone offense is anyone's guess. But Cutler has to eat that. You can't just throw it up there. Just do like us Bears fans-- wait until after the game for your throwing up.

The penalties are almost as frustrating as the picks. The Bears had 10 penalties in total.

Cutler did show at the postgame presser. "It was tough. I have to apologize to the defense," Cutler said. "I think the offense as a whole has to apologize. They played a great game and kept us in there even through all the turnovers."



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sjvl said:


Matt Millen is an ass.

Bert said:

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I missed last night's game, but I DVR'd it. Can't wait to watch Cutler take down those wimps on the west coast! I bet he throws 5 TDs and no red-zone picks. Gonna go watch it now - it'll be my Friday afternoon treat!

Bert said:

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I'm now watching it -- Bears driving down the field. Looks like an easy score - Bears's ball on the 49ers 1-yard line. Take that, Grossman! Ha-ha, Kyle! Gonna be 7-0, and the rout will soon be on!

Bert said:

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Ugh. I can't believe Olson didn't work his way through those three 49er defenders and get that ball. Okay, so what? It's not like he's gonna keep throwing picks all night. It's still early. Go JC Superstar!

Bert said:

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Way to go, Devin! Fall down why don't you!? Don't make our boy look bad, man.

Arrrgh. The ref got in the way.

Darn it! That guy interfered with Olson. Sure TD otherwise. Oh well -- the D is playing great. Cutler will win it in the end!

Bert said:

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The 49ers suck, man. It's just a stupid game, anyway. Quick question -- how do you erase these 'comments'?

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