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There's a Hush In Denver


Kyle Orton leaves the field after the Broncos' loss to the Chargers

6-0. That was the Denver Broncos record just a month ago, when people heralded Josh McDaniels the greatest first-time head coach ever, Kyle Orton was the new Tom Brady and the Broncos were already assured a playoff spot.


Things can change fast in the NFL. Ask Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith. Ask Bears fans. And ask the fans of those Denver Broncos.

Yesterday the Broncos managed just a 3rd quarter field goal, McDaniels made a huge mistake in attempting an onside kick and Orton played poorly even though the Broncos still ran the ball well.

In the last 4 weeks, Orton has managed just 2 TD passes against 4 interceptions. And now at 6-4, it will be difficult for the Broncos to make the postseason. They have 3 road games left and still have to play the Giants, Colts and Eagles. It won't be easy and they'll likely have to win 4 of their remaining 6 games. And now the Broncos are battling themselves too.

Orton and the Broncos were the best story of the young NFL season. But right now they are just another mediocre team likely not going to the playoffs. Much like the one we have here in Chicago.



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sniksich said:

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Probably true... but the difference is that for the benefit of not going to the playoffs, the Bears ponied up the two first round draft pics they desperately need to help rebuild the team.

thnxno7 said:

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Child please! According to Bears fan and the rest of the "experts", the Cutler-Orton trade meant an automatic Superbowl bid for Chicago and a 3-13 record for Denver. The Broncos could end the season 7-11 and still have an excellent season compared with Bear fan's ridiculous expectations of Jay the Pick-opatomus

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