Jay Cutler Superstar

Jay Cutler Has Been Google Bombed

It's a popular internet meme. You type in someone's name with "is" at the end of it in Google and you have yourself a blog post, and perhaps a moment of hilarity. Sometimes these are shopped up to create the comedy. And sometimes the results are hacked by googlebombers. Such is the case for Jay Cutler.


Obviously Cutler has been sabotaged. Consider the output for Kyle Orton:


Another loss tomorrow night for Orton and he might get Google bombed too.



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Katelynne said:

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people are such prisoners of the moment. look at least jay doesn't have a neck beard and botched haircut! no offense kyle, but it's so great to finally be looking at jay than you. i'm clearly the one who typed "jay cutler is hot" ha ha! jk! and i must say he only went out partying a couple times in april when he first arrived. get over it. i hear of guys staying out until 3am before a playoff game.

IrishSweetness said:


Broncos won because of their great D, great OL, Moreno and The Beast. Orton inaccurate and errant again. Put the ball anywhere near The Beast and he goes and gets it for you ....

JGirl6 said:


You get the same thing if you type "Brett Favre is .."

RHO said:

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You really can't blame the public. We were told the savior is in the building. Obviously that was in error.

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