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I Don't Think Troy Aikman Is a Jay Cutler Fan

There were a few comments made by Troy Aikman during Sunday's game which gave me the impression that he is not a big fan of Jay Cutler.

Speaking about the O-line and sacks Aikman said, "There have been times when Cutler has held (the ball) longer than he should." I don't think that is accurate at all, and I can't recall any such sack this season. Cutler has mostly been forced to get rid of the ball just seconds into each drop. Plus he's able to get out of the pocket and scramble. To blame any sack on Cutler with what he's working with (read: line and receivers) seems harsh coming from another QB like Aikman.

There was also a play where Roberto Garza got owned by the defensive tackle. Aikman said Garza was not expecting Cutler to flush to the right and that "He was actually in pretty good position to make the block. Cutler more or less ran into that one because of the pressure he had off the edge."

I'm pretty sure that when the tackle bull rushes you into the QB's pocket in the backfield that you are not in good position to make a block. Especially when you are no longer between the QB and the DT. I don't have rings like Aikman, but I found that to be a bit ridiculous.
Aikman did have 3 money quotes during the broadcast:

"I thought high school football was played on Friday."

"This is downright embarrassing what we're seeing today."

"Just calling it the way I see it. I don't think the Bears are a very good football team."



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cutlerfan said:


I listened to the game and I also heard Troy on the radio on 670 The Score this morning.

1. Regarding the High-School Football, Troy was talking about the offensive line all jumping offside.

2. Troy said Jay was a good football player but he needs weapons around him. Troy said he would not have won his super bowl rings without his weapons. He said the same thing about Joe Montana.

Don't try to make nothing into something

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Good for Troy on the Score. He still said those things yesterday during the game. Reading is a skill. Hone it.

thnxno7 said:

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It's time to change the name of your blog to "Jay Cutler Loser"

EVERYONE knew that this bonehead was downgrading by going to the Bears...everyone except Bears Fan that is. All of the deficiencies were ignored because the gunslinger was supposed to automatically add 2-3 wins on his own.

Good luck plugging the holes without draft picks!

Matt Lo Cascio said:


The Bears tried to shore up the O-line and apparently failed. Every QB needs a decent line to win. Not sure how he is a loser, he's been one of the bright spots in a mostly wretched season.

thnxno7 said:

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The guy hasn't won since high school. He's had an excuse for every bad season:
SEC - tough conference
Denver year 1 - rookie mistakes
Denver year 2 - no receivers besides B Marsh
Denver year 3 - bad defense
Chicago - bad D, bad O-line, bad receivers, bad Michigan Ave photo shoot

What's next year?

JGirl6 said:


Bringing Jay Cutler to Chicago wasn't a bad idea. Just because Orton is doing better doesn't mean he would have fared well in Chicago. Denver's D has improved by a LARGE margin and their offensive line allowed 11 sacks on Cutler last season - so they have been playing at a top level. By bringing Jay Cutler - with the talent he is - he has shown a light on the Bears' deficiencies. The only thing left is for the team to improve or to fire some personnel.

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