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Cutler's Interception Totals Similar to Star QBs

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Jay Cutler has thrown 17 interceptions. Add in all the bad route running, receiver slips and fluke plays and it's still too many picks. One thing to remember is that Cutler is only in his 4th season. That's not an excuse for his bad red zone decisions, but it does mean that perhaps his best football is ahead of him, and his decision-making will improve. Here's a look at some stud QBs and their interception totals early in their career.

  • Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions in his rookie year. Manning dominated in his 2nd and 3rd years, then threw 23 more in his 4th year

  • Brett Favre threw only 13 picks in his first season as a Packer. Cutler threw 14 in his first full season as a Bronco. In his 2nd season, Favre regressed to 19 TDs and 24 picks. Favre dominated in 1995-97, then threw 46 picks in 1998 & 99. In 2005 Favre threw 29 picks.

  • In his first 6 full seasons as the starting QB for the Dolphins, Dan Marino threw 20 or more picks 4 times.

  • In 2007, Eli Manning led the league in interceptions with 20. He also won the Super Bowl that year.
Cutler threw for 59 TDs and 36 picks at Vanderbilt. At Denver he threw for 54 TDs and 37 picks. This season is a bump in the road. Take Cutler's bad decision-making, add in the culmination of a tumultuous off-season, the pressure of coming to a city that has been desperate for a franchise QB, the poor play of a sub-par offensive line and inexperienced receiving corps and the lack of a consistent running game. The result is 17 picks.

Cutler could throw 30 picks this year and it wouldn't really matter anymore. Barring a miracle, The Bears will be watching, not playing in the playoffs. He's not going to do this again next year. I'm not saying Cutler will be Manning, Favre or Marino, but they serve as examples of players that threw a lot of picks and were still very successful. They decreased their totals after their first few seasons. If the Bears get some line help and a true receiving threat, the sky is the limit for Cutler.



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Urlacher FTW said:


How about finding how many red zone picks those guys had though? That is the infuriating part. I mean if you go for it on fourth down from the 50 and get picked at the 10, it was basically a punt but when you wipe 3 points off the board so often, your team will lose faith in you.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


I'll find those redzone picks as soon as you find the 4th down from the 50 picks. =0)

But I hear ya. The redzone picks are definitely worse. I was just trying to point out that there have been some excellent QB in the past that have had big interception totals.

IrishSweetness said:


Third year as a starter ..... anyone remember how bad Troy Aikman and Vinny Testaverde used to look ?

IrishSweetness said:


Manning threw 28 his first year ? Wow. I never rated Marino much anyway. Ho for show. Eli is a tool and Favre didn't protect the ball. Jay's forcing the ball can only get better over the years, it takes a while.

civilwarhero said:


I just don't think the guys had enough time to get used to Jay's arm force. Let's talk about the Ultimate Red Zone disaster in SB XIII: Jackie Smith coming out of retirement, sent in as a decoy only to find his poor, unprepared, untrained ass wide-open in the end zone...our O was about as ready for Jay this year as Jackie was for Roger then. It's always "1 guy's fault" when it's failure, and only a "team sport" during victory...bull! Pure talent doesn't get a bye and just magically win the day; what happened at the 1979 Iran hostage rescue? Seals, Berets, Rangers...decades of training...but never with each other.
We appreciate your effort, Matt, but we're AT LEAST a season away from the point we need to start making excuses for Jay Cutler.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Thanks for the solid comments guys. I tried to not excuse Cutler for his bad decisions on the field, and just show some examples of guys that did the same things early in their careers.

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