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Kyle Orton Is Shocking the World


And a hush fell over the Chicagoland area. The Broncos and Kyle Orton beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. And this time the role of Captain Comeback was played -- spot on -- by Kyle Orton, former Bear.

To be sure, Orton has been the beneficiary of some great luck and great plays by his receivers. The defense in Denver has been phenomenal. But it's time to give the man his props. Kyle Orton played an incredible game today. The Broncos are 5-0. And Orton is a big reason they are.

It's often said that if at the end of the season you're 9-7, then you're a 9-7 team. The meaning being that it all evens out over 16 games. You get some lucky breaks in the beginning? It rarely stays that way. So are the Broncos truly a 5-0 team then? Yes. For now.

Most people thought that the Dallas and New England games would start the evening out process. It didn't. The rest of the Broncos schedule looks like this:

broncos schedule.jpg

So will it start evening out, if at all?

That remains the $64k question. They still have 6 road games. They still play Baltimore, Pittsburgh, San Diego (2x), Indianapolis, Philadelphia and the Giants on Thanksgiving. That 5-game stretch after the bye will indeed tell the NFL fandom if the Broncos are a certified playoff team.

As for Orton, he's definitely had his share of good karma. But against the Pats he was fantastic, leading a 98-yard drive to tie the score at 17-17 with about 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter. For the year he has 7 TDs against only 1 pick and a QB rating of 97.4. He's on a brand new team with a brand new coach and he has them undefeated and leading their division. He could not possibly have his team in a better place than they are now.

The Broncos and Orton are the story in the NFL right now. Will Cutler take it back next week? Who cares? As long as Cutler continues to rack up wins, Kyle Orton can have the season of his life in Denver and all the glory in the world.



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Mike Burzawa said:


I see maybe 4 wins on the schedule - 2 vs KC, Washington and Oakland. Even if they lose the rest (and I'm not sure they will), they'll end up with a winning season. I hate finding myself rooting against him, but I kind of am.

I think it goes to show that a top-notch receiver (Brandon Marshall) can help make up for a so-so QB. Had Orton stayed with the Bears, there's no way he's doing that stuff here with our receiving corp, even the great Johnny Knox. Marshall is a beast that can go get it and take it away from opposing corners, like he did last week against Dallas on the game-winner.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Right on Boomer. The Marshall play, the Stokley play...there will be evening out. But at the same time he does deserve props. And I always liked Orton, I just think Cutler is much better.

Evergr8ful said:

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Orton was not our problem last year (or this year). Instead of seriously addressing the problems areas for the Bears they went out and traded an above average QB for (maybe) a bit better QB...BUT ALSO MORTGAGED the farm with the rest of the trade. Is Cutler better than Orton? Maybe. Was the Cutler for Orton (and a whole lot more) a good trade for the Bears. Definitely not.

It's not a question as to whether Orton or Cutler were the better QB it's did Bears mgt make the off season moves to make us a championship team. And to that questions I give the Bears a D- for the Orton trade.

P.S. Orton looks like he did before getting injured last year. I suspect Bear fans perspective would be different had Orton not come back so early after his injury last year.

kernel said:


Did you see the kind of blocking his line gave him? When your center gets blown up or whiffs on every play, you will look like a crappy pocket QB. When the pocket holds you can play at your best. Olin has not played well for the last few years! Watch him fall on his ass against Atlanta!

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