Jay Cutler Superstar

Jay Cutler's Week 4 In Soundbites

Heading into the bye week, our fearless leader has the Bears at 3-1. Let's celebrate with another edition of "Cutler in Soundbites". This week, Jack Nicholson, Homer Simpson, Ron Burgundy and more.

What Ron Turner said to Cutler on the sideline phone after the Bears went for it on 4th down and scored:
smrt sound bite

Cutler in the locker room just before the Bears took the field:
How Good I Look sound bite

Cutler's trash talk to the Lions D after another Bears touchdown:
Van by the river sound bite

Cutler's response after he was asked why the game was so close for a while:
Whoa-ho-ho! I don't play defense! sound bite

Cutler after his spin-o-rama touchdown dive, when asked if he knew where he was:
I Do Not Have the First Damn Clue sound bite



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JeffJarvis said:

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A superstar like Jay Cutler, the way he's playing he deserves a fight song all his own:

Cut 'Em Down, Jay Cutler

(I'm sure you all know the tune.)

Cut 'em down, Jay Cutler.
Let every pass fly on past the secondary.
Cut 'em down, Jay Cutler.
The 4th quarter's made to order: You score with ease.
Oh we know that you'll thrill Da Bears Nation
With your TD formation.
Cut 'em down, Jay Cutler.
You're worth six or more draft picks in any round.
It's a certain bet that the Broncos will regret
Every time Jay Cutler cuts 'em down.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


I like it! But right now I don't think the Broncos are regretting too much. That day is coming though.

JeffJarvis said:

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Thanks. It's easy to have no regrets after playing Cleveland, Oakland, and a fading Dallas. Let's see how Denver feels after their next four: New England, at San Diego, at Baltimore, Pittsburgh.

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