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Jay Cutler Said What?

"[Brett Favre] definitely is No. 1," Cutler said. "If anything, he's earned the right to be No. 1 with as many years as he's played and as well as he's played." Cutler ranks himself and Rodgers behind Favre among division quarterbacks.

h/t: ESPN Chicago



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Craig Kanalley said:


That was a strange read. I'm not sure he should be ranking himself or any other QBs... Maybe should just focus on his play and that's it.

Maim said:


You can't really fault someone for answering a question they were asked.

sjvl said:


Yeah, bla, bla, bla. If he didn't give grandpa a compliment, he would look bad. Just wait until the winds turn cold and the 'fabulous, wonderful, wow he can do anything' arm gets a bit stiff and tired. Favre will take himself off that #1 spot. Guaranteed.

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