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Jay Cutler: Kelly Clarkson Fan?


Tremendous Upside Potential informs us this morning that Jay Cutler was at the Kelly Clarkson concert with backup Caleb Hanie. And they are nonplussed -- nonplussed I tell you! -- about it.

It has become abundantly clear this season that Jay Cutler is no Sid Luckman. He's a wuss, a momma's boy, a namby-pamby. His taste in contemporary pop music only reinforces this.

The hits keep on coming. 101.9 FM? I knew Jay Cutler's manhood was as questionable as his red zone decision making, but still never would have him pegged for an Eric and Kathy fan. And if you're going to attend something like this, don't you have to bring, you know, a girl instead of your backup?

Check out the rest of the Cutler/Clarkson post. I think/hope it's tongue-in-cheek. You make the call.



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KyleOrton said:

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Yeah I just wanted to hit you up and tell you that I know personally that Jay Cutler is NOT a fan of Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson WON American idol and we all know Jay Cutler is not a winner and he certainly doesn't like winners. He's more of a Clay Aiken guy.

Love, Kyle Orton

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