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ESPN Quick to Blame Loss on Cutler

Numbers don't lie. But do statistical comparison boxes? This is from ESPN.com. The story itself was crafted by the AP, but I'm guessing the stat box was produced by ESPN. Either way, they chose to run it. So is this why the Bears lost? You make the call.

ryan cutler redzone.png

Looks like they were so quick to get that in the article that they goofed on the grammar.

So is that why the Bears lost? Well Matt Forte had a fumble down there too. Cutler also led the Bears to 56% conversions on third downs, saving the Bears many punts and turnovers on downs. Overall statistically, Cutler had a better game than Ryan. But Ryan's big back didn't fumble near the end zone and scored a big TD. It's a good looking stat for a comparison, but not the whole truth.



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sjvl said:


Really. You're not surprised by this, are you? The media give the Bears no love at all, and they're quick to pounce on the bad stuff. No mention of Peanut's great game, Des' excellent work, nor Earl Bennet's contributions. I gave up on ESPN a long time ago.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


not surprised. but irritated, yes.

KyleOrton said:

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Well all I can say is I have only one INT and it was on a hail mary at half time. I wouldn't have turned the ball over in the red zone like Jay Cutler did.... But Denver thanks you we're 6-0 Chi-Town!!!
Love, Kyle Orton

Mike d said:


when your offensive line cant block for you and your receivers are getting double teamed, that makes it pretty hard to find an open man. one guy doesnt win or lose a game as much as people like to think. and Kyle, will you please, please shave your beard. please.?

thnxno7 said:

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Let's see, in Denver, red-zone INT's but stellar btwn the 20 stats led to Denver's new coach to criticize Cutler and look for a better QB.

In Chicago, red-zone INT's and stellar btwn the 20's stats leads to an extended contract?

Sorry, Chicago, I see more L's in your future...

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