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Denver Weight Lifting Guy Talks Cutler, Crybabies

I thought this was a parody at first. But it's not. Which makes it all the much better.

It starts with a classic Ron Burgundy-esque line about weight-lifting, with this guy's old school bench in the background and the breathing a bit heavy. He proceeds to talk about who he perceives as the crybabies in the league, a soliloquy rife with misinformation and meatball analysis. You gotta love his t-shirt too.



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KyleOrton said:

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I think Denver is good with me now though Chicago... My only question is how much money will Jay get for every INT he throws in Chicago.... He got 30 million for the next 3 years... 10 million a year and he's already up to 10 INT's. I think he'll be up to 500,000 per pick... Not bad Jay you should look to get a bonus from opposing teams every time you throw 3+ INTS

vugirl said:


What a bonehead. Football is a TEAM sport!
Does anything actually think Denver is winning BECAUSE of Kyle Orton? His throws aren't exactly highlight material, after all. He's not Denver's saviour. Other teams have succeeded with mediocre QB/Game managers - i.e., Brad Johnson (Tampa Bay), Trent Dilfer (Baltimore), etc. but those guys aren't exactly HOF material.

Chicago has to address its weak O-line and defensive collapse before all of the blame goes to Jay.

sniksich said:

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Defend Cutler all you want... but his history will always be a stumbling point for you. Recognize him for what he is... strong arm, gun slinger, bad decisions. He'll bring your team back from behind late in a game, but he'll also lose you games with the turnovers.

Cutler Picks
2009 11 (7 games)
2008 18 (16 games)
2007 14 (16 games)
2006 5 (5 games)

2005 9 (Vandy - 21 TDs)
2004 5 (Vandy - 10 TDs)
2003 13 (Vandy - 18 TDs)
2002 9 (Vandy - 10 TDs)

Cutler doesn't make good decisions. His arm is strong as hell, but he forces things when he should throw it away or pull it back down and run. This year the excuse is the line and the receivers. Last year the excuse was the defense making the team play from behind. Its always an excuse but the results are the same.

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