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Bears/Cutler/Ochocinco Tweet War!

Chad Ochocinco should be reviewing and/or bumming about how the Bengals lost to the Texans at home. Instead he's Tweeting his head off to Jay Cutler and the Bears.

@jaycutler6 tell your defense I'm gonna run circles around them, I'm mad we lost, peanut Tillman is gonna kiss da baby along with the rest'

@jaycutler6 Jay if you don't respond I'll be level 2 pissed and I'll full retarded on you= Mike Dikta mad

@jaycutler6: @OGOchoCinco it's only Monday. Already starting?

@D_Hest23 Devin , wake up!!!

@realdeal91 Tommie why are your db's scared of me, it's just a game , tell them to call me out on Wednesday

@Jmack37 dude don't bother getting dressed Sunday okay!!!!

     @alexbrown96 get your db's on Twitter before Sunday , you have till tonight to reply or you gonna feel my wrath to!!!

Check out the entire exchange over at Bear Goggles with Boomer. You can also join Boomer and a cast of thousands during Bears games at Bears Game Day.
And over at The Rock Report (you may know him as Dr. Rock of Love), Rock is calling for Bears fans to blow up Ochocinco's Twitter account:

Here's our goal Bears Fans. Let's shut down Ocho's twitter account by flooding it with our own comments about the Bungals and Ocho himself.
Let's give Ocho so many tweets about how the beloved will roll into the Queen City and shut down that Bungals offense.

Let's use the same means of technology Ocho uses to trash talk the face of trash talk.Bear Nation!!!  Let's rise to the occasion and shut this clown down online.  Sign up at Twitter.com and add OGOchoCinco to your followers.   
Let's show how strong the 4th phase is by shutting down Chad Ocho Cinco before he hits the field Sunday.

Good stuff. Time to come up with some good tweets to send to Ochocinco.



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KyleOrton said:

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Yeah I was busy leading my team to a 6-0 start in San Diego to be tweeting. Maybe Jay Cutler should concentrate on not throwing picks in the red zone rather than jawing with Ocho Cinco.
Miss you Chicago (Not Really)
Love, Kyle Orton

Jimmy Greenfield said:


Well, you're 5-0. Eddie Royal is 1-0. Still, a nice start. Career QB rating still 76.2.

exultu said:

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You keep your head in a sand pit. Kyle is 6 and 0 when was it the Bears were that good. Oh yeah way back in 1985. That's a long long time ago. Kyle won AFC player of the week last week. Kyle is in the top ten in QB Rating. All you can up with is what he did while he was a Bear,they could even ruin Cutler.Watch and see. You'll become real good at making dumb excuses for his losses. Thats so FUNNY!!

swajon said:

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Actually, the Bears started the season 7 - 0 in 2006.

Mike d said:


its time to let kyle orton go. we would not be 5-0 if we had kyle orton.

exultu said:

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People you can't even be rightous about Kyle when he is a much better QB then any of our coaches or fans knew.He was just never used to his potential. I'll say this if the Bears had McDaniels as head coach, the Bears might be 6 and 0 even with Orton. I'd bet on that.

Mike d said:


id also bet that your comment is probably the dumbest ive heard since the last time someone made that same comment. If I were you I wouldnt bet on that, cause you'll lose alot of money.

JGirl6 said:


HAHA!! A Tweet war?

KyleOrton said:

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Listen the bottom line is I was making a joke, but the truth is Cutler gives the ball away too much. John Gruden said it best last night... "Would you rather have a winner or a strong arm (Cutler) playing quarterback." Like John Gruden I'll take the winner. And for the guy dogging Orton's passer rating. Look at our offense in Chicago and name the last good quarterback we had... Face it guys Chicago is the place quarterbacks go to die. At the end of the year check who has the numbers Cutler or Orton??? I'm taking Orton because Cutler hasn't had a winning season since High School (Believe it because it's true) and Turner is not a good coach.

Ava Verlander said:

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Did you guys read the RedEye column today where they said he wouldn't make the trade over again? Looks like there are actually more Kyle Orton fans in Chicago than I thought.

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