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What They're Saying About Jay: Lacrosse Tribune

Dave Myers from the Lacrosse Tribune has some thoughts on the Bears and Jay Cutler. The thoughts themselves are not unique; many columnists, bloggers and even ex-Head Coaches have said the same things. But the methodology he uses to get to his conclusion is, well, odd.

"After watching Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler put on his interception demonstration against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, I thought it might be a good idea to sit back and wait a couple of days before chiming in. Sort of give his performance (during the game and after when he spoke to the media) a chance to sink in.

After letting Cutler's four-pick performance and his subsequent annoyingly disassociated response after the game percolate a bit, I have come to one conclusion: The Bears may have a problem on their hands."

I don't think you can wait a few days and come to that conclusion based on his first game, which was on the road against a good football team, in a tough place to play. He knew what he wanted to write and just need a bit of data to support it.

He continues:

"In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit I was absolutely lambasting the Minnesota Vikings for not swinging the trade to acquire Cutler from Denver when they had the chance. However, now that a little time has passed (and we saw what happened in Green Bay) I fully understand why the Vikings took a pass on Cutler.

They already had signed him - years ago. It's just that when they initially signed him he was going by the name Jeff George."

Oh how clever! The "Jeff George" line. But in truth, George never, ever did anything like Cutler did in his first 3 seasons. 

We all get that Cutler is polarizing. So just come out and say that you don't like the guy. One regular season game cannot logically sway your determination about him one way or the other, The Vikings passed on Cutler and went for...Brett Favre? Good luck with that.



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Wow, a witty cheesehead. We'll see.

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