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What They're Saying About Jay: Dan McNeil

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"Cutler passed his first test of crisis management. He bounced back from his malodorous night against the Packers and did what he was brought here to do -- walk on water when necessary. It was fun seeing a guy in a Bears uniform connecting on 9 of 10 fourth-quarter attempts.

You never forget your first. And our first with Cutler came at the expense of the world champs. Sweet." -- Dan McNeil, Sun-Times

In that same column McNeil says he wants Forte to break 100 yards on Sunday. No doubt. Time to get this running game going. The passing game -- downfield especially -- will be better for it. I thought we weren't going to have to worry about the run game this year.



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sjvl said:


'Sweet' is right. I live in PA, surrounded by Steelers and Eagles fans. I say: One down, one to go.

Maim said:


Man, I am drinking the Jay Cutler Kool-aid. By the pitcher.

And it is delicious. And I probably got some on my shirt.

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