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You know you want one.

Apparently Amazon has not been informed that Jay was traded to the Bears. The caricature on the shirt has him in his Bears uniform, but the item listing says "Denver Broncos #6 Jay Cutler" shirt. Jay looks so happy about the pass he is about to throw on the shirt. Good times.

Hey if you order now, you probably can wear it for Sunday night! Score! Or if you are in Denver, buy it with your hard-earned money and then destroy it!



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LFC said:

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I don't know if you are a Chicago Fan or not. Just ran into you post. I would think that Jay Cutler is not as bad as everyone thinks. Take a good look at Manning's first 5 years and compare them to Cutler's first 3. I guess you could say 3 years + the 5 games he played in as a rookie when Plummer was yanked. Then compare Elway, Farve, To Cutler. I bet you agree that Manning and farve will be hall of fame when retired.

I guess what I am getting at is the great QB's suffer for awhile. Their first 5 years are usually not their best. They get better with more years. Cutler has put up impressive numbers, with some bone headed plays. Way too early to tell if he will be great or just good. The next couple years will probably tell us that. However, I am sure there are guys like you that live in Indy that wished they hadn't judged too early. But then again, maybe it is fun. Don't have to be good to start websites

Matt Lo Cascio said:


you should look around the site a bit before jumping to conclusions. I have a post that details exactly what you were saying about Favre and Manning.

LFC said:

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My apologies to you. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. Just frustrated Bronco fan. Tired of hearing how bad Cutler is. As a Bronco Fan I wish we never traded him, and I would give Kyle back in a heart beat. So again I am sorry for not reading more before jumping to conclusions

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