Jay Cutler Superstar

Jay Cutler: Winning Takes Care of Everything

Winning is the cure-all. Here's what Cutler told ESPN 1000:

"[The media reported] I talk too much on the field; I yell at people; I don't talk enough; I sit there and look bored," Cutler said. "With all the media outlets and they're opinionated these days ... and they have to say something different. They have to sell papers and sell their show. You get a lot of different stuff these days.

"It doesn't surprise me. Chicago is a huge, huge market with great fans. But winning takes care of everything. As long as you're winning ballgames, I think you're going to be OK."

When asked if he'd rather have surgery without anesthesia or do a 20-minute press conference, Cutler joked: "What kind of surgery are we talking about?"

Michael Jordan berated players in practice. He punched more than one of his teammates. But he won. If Carlos Zambrano won more, his antics would be endearing. But when your performance is not up to par, the magnifying glass shifts to all the faults, perceived or real. The same will be true of Cutler. Right now, we see TD passes and wins. I hope it stays that way.



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