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The 36 commentators on the NBC set all agree it is going to be interesting to watch Jay Cutler. And that's what we do here at Jay Cutler Superstar. Tonight we'll take a look at Cutler "Firsts" as well as other interesting numbers as we begin this brand new era of Bears football. We'll update the thread as the game goes on.

23: The number of starting QBs the Bears have had since Jim McMahon. Cutler is the 23rd. Michael Jordan was 23. Is this fate or what?

The ominous start: A Grossman-like bobble of his first snap ever as a Bear.

First bark: a rally cry to the troops after the failed first play.

First drive: a sore thumb-y 3 and out with 2 incompletions.

First completion: Excellent grab by Devin Hester. No Jay scowls yet.

First ferocity: Cutler almost throws his first pick and we see the first dose of Jay's ferocity. He lets the ref have it for not throwing a flag on what was a hold on Green Bay. He almost gets picked again on the very next play. Unfortunately, the third time is the (bad) charm. Cutler does get picked on the 3rd play of the sequence.

If Orlando Pace was smaller I bet Cutler would be biting his head off. He's had some really bad plays tonight.
Before the end of the one quarter, Cutler already has his first Grossman-like play and his first Orton-like play. We can go ahead and stop right there with the former Bears QB homage.

First 1st Quarter: 4-10, 43 yards and a pick. 

First fist pump: It finally comes after a 68-yard bomb to Johnny Knox. Knox was brilliant in the "Jackass" series. Might be a different guy. I digress.

Cutler has more picks than the Bears have points. This is not good. He just threw an interception to Green Bay's Johnny Jolly. C'mon-- there is no such person.

A replay shows Cutler's first confrontation with a Packer -- he shoves rookie Clay Matthews and has some words for him. And now Cutler is officially a Bear.

Another Cutler pick and here come the harsh words from Cris Collinsworth: "Jay Cutler is a bomb right now...Jay is not getting help from receivers but he is pretty awful so far himself right now."

I'm pretty sure some of the retired Packers on the sideline are dying to get in the game and play against Cutler right now. It's that bad.

First first half: 8-22, 107 yards and 3 interceptions. Zero points. I'm putting a call into the Chicago Now editor to make sure they will let me do "Caleb Hanie Superstar". I kid. Sort of.

Cutler likes to purse his lips a lot. When he does it he looks like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies. 
First TD: Cutler calls an audible at the line and hits Hester for a 36-yd TD score!

Cutler went to the locker room and must have listened to 'Turn the Page". He starts the 2nd half 5-6, 119 yards and 1 TD.

Cutler getting a long breather. After 3 quarters he is 13-28, 226 yards, 1 TD and 3 Int.

Speaking of "Firsts", Hester is playing like the #1 receiver tonight. He has run some nice routes, got the long TD and now took a shorty for some big chunks of YAC.

First connection to Olsen doesn't come until the 4th quarter. And Cutler hit him after avoiding the rush. Nice.

Will Cutler pull off the come from behind win at Lambeau with just a minute left? If he does would it matter if he threw 9 picks tonight?

And the answer is no. Cutler ends the game with his 4th pick of the night. He finishes with his "first" loss.



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lionman said:

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Rex Redux

Joe the Cop said:


Oh yeah...he's going to fit right in. A perfect Bears quarterback

Ed Nickow said:


So, does Jay Cutler's
First fourth interception count
As one of his firsts?

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Unfortunately it sure does. Brutal.

favreblows1 said:

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cutler was clutch! all those completions when it mattered..oh, wait..those were to guys in green....ooops, my bad

ToldUSo said:

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43.7 QB rating. . .that's a first. . .for a "Franchise QB". . .

ToldUSo said:

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Correction, 47.2 QB rating. . .Orton 100.7 QB rating. . .hmmm

ToldUSo said:

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Correction. . .Delhomme had a 14.7, so Cutler is not first of the worst. . .

ToldUSo said:

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One "Rookie" QB had a better rating than Cutler. . .we should have drafted him. . .

ToldUSo said:

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Wow, corrected again. . .he had a 43.2 QB rating. . .only a "Rookie" from Detroit and Delhomme from Carolina were worse. . .great company. . .

jimmyzee said:

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Jay Cutler has yet to win an important game. In case you didn't know it, his last two seasons in Denver, during the critical last three games of the season showed Cutler to have really bad games under pressure. He wilts when he gets hit hard, hurried or generally abused. Green Bay had a heck of a quarter back throwing balls to them, Jay Cutler. Jay is such a whiner, punk baby little man. I'm not surprised to see him revert to his usual 'big game' posture...throwing the ball to the other team. Ha Ha Chicago...wait till his pancreas blows out from his off field drinking..go Bears..

Waffle 2.0 said:


this blog is useless

Matt Lo Cascio said:


much like your comments

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