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Fans Still Burning Cutler Jerseys

burn cutler jersey.jpg
You'd think the most stupid thing in this video is when the guy says, "Brand new jersey, just bought it and I'm burning it." That's close. But they can't even burn the jersey. Then they took this utter fail and still proceeded to put it on You Tube. Wow. Saddest thing? I think these guys are Bears fans.



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mommasboy said:


So burn that jersey if you must! But before you do, you'd better burn a few other things! You'd better burn your shirt and your pants! Be sure to burn your TV and car! Oh yeah, and don't forget to burn your house! Because none of those things would exist without two first round picks, one third round pick, and a helluva lot of Orton!!


sjvl said:


I made it thru a grand total of 18 seconds of this video. They could have done better donating the money they spent on the jersey to charity.

denvernative said:

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Cutler basically threw a huge tantrum after Shanahan was fired. He was perfectly happy to be here until that point and once daddy went away he began throwing things and screaming. Brandon Marshall, like another baby in the daycare center, saw that Cutler's tantrum got him a ticket out like he wanted, so being the little boy he is, copied Cutler and began kicking his legs and screaming. Marshall, as talented as a player he is, is also a liability; he can't seem to get along without smacking his girlfriends around, and I have to suspect that he was indirectly involved in the murder of Darrent Williams as he was taunting and talking trash to Williams' killer mere minutes before the shooting. Good riddance to both, we are not so desperate for wins to tolerate manchildren having tantrums.

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