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Jay Cutler By the Numbers: Week 3

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Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

0: amount of points Cutler and the Bears have scored in the 1st quarter this year

28:04: amount of time Cutler needed to lead Bears to their first score

15: Number of yards Cutler was penalized for an illegal block during the Bears' 2nd series

3: Number of Cutler fumbles. One via snap, two stripped by Seattle.

17: Unanswered points Cutler and Co. put up in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

5, 1: Number of touchdowns and interceptions Cutler has thrown since the Green Bay debacle

5-5: Cutler in the 4th quarter. 5 completions in 5 attempts, and a 2-pt conversion too.

36: Number of yards gained on the go-ahead TD pass to Devin Hester

1: Number of 4th quarter incompletions Cutler has in the last 2 games

5: Number of different receivers that Cutler hit for completions

2: Number of consecutive 4th quarter comebacks orchestrated by Jay Cutler

126.4: Cutler's QB rating for the game

So this is what a Pro Bowl, franchise QB looks like? Cutler finishes 21-27, with 247 yards and 3 TDs. The start was a bit slow again, but Cutler led the Bears to victory. Again. We can definitely get used to this.



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enderwiggin said:


Awesome Numbers!!
how about this for a number...

sjvl said:


Another number for you: 1976.
The last time the Bears won in Seattle before yesterday.

JeffJarvis said:

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The number of consecutive 4th quarter comebacks orchestrated by Cutler is actually 3. He put together a nice go-ahead drive in the 4th quarter against the Packers too. It was just unfortunate that the Packers turned around and did the same thing themselves.

KyleOrton said:

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This is obviously an older blog because I have a couple of numbers for you Bears' fan....

22 INT's in 13 games.
5-8 which means no winning season.
0% shot at playoffs

Kyle Orton

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