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Butler to Cutler: New T-Shirt

I dig this. Got a Tweet about a site that is selling a new Jay Cutler shirt. The site is Butler to Cutler. Simple but cool concept: number 6 has gone from Kevin Butler to Jay Cutler. Since Butthead won a ring back with our beloved '85 Bears, I can only hope this is a portent of great things to come. But this time let's get more one championship, mm-kay?

Here's some pics of the new shirt:


One more pic after the jump...

If you'd like to order one you can head over to the site. I especially like their tagline: "The new Butler to Cutler t-shirt... 100% pure light weight cotton. Soft enough for your woman, tough enough for the hot dog fixin' stains." I have to assume that includes Brats too. And sah-sage. Ditka!!!



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DaBearsCutler said:

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Da Bears! I absolutely love the shirt. Ditka!!! Love it.

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