Jay Cutler Superstar

Angry Jay Cutler Fan Stars In Weird Video

If you make it to the end of this video you must really enjoy freakish displays of fandom. As for the guy doing the monologue, I kept hoping that the small door he was standing in front of would open and knock him over. It would have been great. It is a bit, right? I did laugh a few tiimes.



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Pinco Pallino said:

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This guys seems a bit too caffeinated.

Fernando Diaz said:


we never take our own advice, do we? "back up your mouth," sir. Thanks for the weird lunch Matt :)

Mike Burzawa said:


I wonder if that little door is a portal to another dimension... The Twilight Zone!!! He needs to get locked back up immediately.

BearJeff57 said:

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Bottom line is that if Jay Cutler wasn't a great QB, nobody would care that he was traded. AND, the Denver hero of all time, Elway, did the same thing! That's how he became a Bronco... so you win one, you lose one.

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